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UK citizens of Indian origin can apply for an OCI (Overseas Citizen of India) card. Visas for Future can assist you with the OCI application process. We have provided information on our website, including screenshots of our application. If you experience difficulties filling out the form, don't hesitate to contact us for assistance. To start your OCI journey, click the button below.

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If UK citizens can provide proof of their Indian ancestry and submit supporting documents confirming their Indian origin, they qualify for an India OCI card. The Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) card allows people from other countries who have Indian roots to live and work in India. This card serves as a bridge for individuals with foreign citizenship and Indian heritage, helping them build lasting connections with India.

A foreign national is eligible for registration as an OCI cardholder if he/she: 1

  • An individual from another country who held Indian citizenship on or after January 26, 1950; or
  • An overseas resident who met the criteria to acquire Indian citizenship on January 26, 1950; or
  • An overseas resident from a region that joined India after August 15, 1947; or
  • The offspring, grandchild, or great-grandchild of such a citizen; or
  • A minor child of the aforementioned individuals; or
  • A child with both parents as Indian citizens or at least one parent being an Indian citizen.

Getting an India OCI Card is easy with Visas for Future! Just fill out our simple online application form, and we process your papers. Your application will be handled within two business days, and you can anticipate receiving your OCI card in seven to eleven weeks. If you face any problems or have questions during the application, our dedicated customer support team is always available to assist you.

What We’re Offering

If you are a UK national of Indian origin, you may want to consider applying for an Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) card. Our service will process your application within two business days, after which you will receive your OCI card within seven to eleven weeks.

  • Unlimited stay.1
  • Multiple entries.1
  • $368 fee (Including Government fee).

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Our order forms are easy and simple.
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Sample application forms for India OCI

Sample of an order form and payment methods:

Sample of an intake form:

Details in the application form for India OCI

Personal Information:

  • Full name (as shown in your passport)
  • Email address
  • Details of the place where the application is being submitted
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Nationality
  • Zip code
  • Contact number
  • Marital status

Passport Information:

  • Passport number
  • Issue date
  • Expiry date
  • Passport place issue
  • Previous passport number

Applicant Occupation Details:

  • Occupation
  • Address of employer
  • Address line 2
  • Contact number of employer

Answer the following questions:

  • Please read the question carefully and answer honestly.

Upload Document:

  • Upload supporting documents you have (Employment/work letter, Indian passport, Indian origin proof, Indian Visa, joint declaration of subsisting of marriage, marriage certificate, PIO card, Relationship Certificate, spouse OCI card, spouse passport).

How to fill out the application form for India OCI?

Step 1: Visit Visas for Future, choose India OCI, and click the “Get India OCI Now” button.

Step 2: Fill out the online application form with the following details:

  • Enter your full name
  • Include your email address
  • Specify the place of submission
  • Fill in OCI order details
  • Ensure to check the terms and conditions box

Step 3: Pay the $368 fee (Including Government fee) using credit cards or debit cards.

Step 4: Carefully answer the questions on the intake form, providing accurate and detailed information. This includes your passport number, travel dates, travel plans, accommodation preferences, and intended arrival and departure cities.

Step 5: Before submitting your application, thoroughly review your personal information, intake form answers, and uploaded documents to ensure accuracy and completeness. Once satisfied, click the “Submit” button to finalize your application.

Step 6: Upload and submit the required documentation, which should encompass recent passport-sized photographs.

Supporting documents to attach to the application form

Passport-Size Photographs

  • Recent passport-sized photographs meeting specific requirements (background, size, etc.)

Evidence of Address

  • Copy of Electricity or Telephone Bill.
  • If in a relative’s name, an undertaking from the relative.
  • Lease License for tenants.

Evidence of Self or Ancestry

  • Copy of Indian Passport or Domicile Certificate or Nativity Certificate.
  • PIO/OCI card of parents/spouse with supporting documents.

Proof of Relationship (if claiming Indian origin)

  • Birth Certificate with parents’ names.
  • Marriage Certificate of parents (if available).

For Minor Children

  • Child’s Birth Certificate.
  • Marriage Certificate of parents (if available).
  • Copy of Indian passport or Domicile Certificate or Nativity Certificate of parents.

For Spouses of Indian Citizens or OCI Cardholders

  • Registered Marriage Certificate.
  • In the case of an Indian spouse, a copy of an Indian Passport or Domicile Certificate is required.
  • In the case of an OCI Cardholder spouse, a copy of the spouse’s passport and OCI card is needed.

Note: All documents should be in English or translated by an authorized translator. Marriage certificates must follow specific guidelines based on the place of solemnization.2

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply for Indian OCI from the UK?

To begin the process of applying for your OCI card in India, just click here.

How long is OCI processing in the UK?

Our service will handle your application in two business days. After that, you can expect to receive your OCI card within seven to eleven weeks.

How much are OCI fees in the UK?

The cost of the India OCI is $368, covering the government fee.

Can I travel to India without an OCI card?

Yes, you can travel to India without an OCI (Overseas Citizen of India) card. However, you would typically need a valid visa to enter India if you don’t have an OCI card.


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