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When applying for an India business visa, you don't need to provide a business card in the process of obtaining the Indian Business Visa. However, including a business card can strengthen your application by visually confirming your professional identity and establishing a connection to the business purpose of your visit to India. For accurate information about the role of a business card in obtaining an India business visa, continue reading this article provided by Visas for Future.

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You don’t need to provide a business card in the process of getting an Indian business visa. However, it is advised to include a business card as part of the recommended documentation for an India business visa application.

Pros of including a business card:

  • Visually confirms your professional identity: It adds a tangible element to your application, demonstrating your professional position and business affiliation.
  • Supports the purpose of your visit: If the card mentions your job title or the nature of your business, it can directly link to the business activities you plan to undertake in India.
  • Adds professionalism and credibility: A well-designed business card can create a positive impression on visa officials.

Alternatives if you don’t have a business card:

  • Company Letter: An official letter from your employer stating your job title, purpose of visit, and details of planned business activities in India can serve as a substitute.
  • Company Registration Documents: Scanned copies of your company’s registration certificate, license, or other official documents can strengthen your professional identity.
  • Invitation Letter: If you have an invitation letter from a business partner or client in India for your visit, it can further support your purpose of travel.
  • Email Signature Screenshot: If you have a detailed email signature with your professional information, you can take a screenshot and upload it.
  • Online Business Card Template: Several online platforms offer free business card templates you can customize and download or screenshot.

The Business Visa is issued to foreign nationals seeking to explore opportunities for establishing an industrial or business venture in India.1  While a business card is not a specific requirement for the visa application process, including one can strengthen your application by providing visual confirmation of your professional identity and connection to the business purpose of your visit. This extra document helps visa authorities better understand your professional background, making your application more trustworthy. 

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Purpose of a business card in obtaining an India business visa

Although a business card is not a mandatory requirement for obtaining an Indian business visa, including one in the application can serve the following purposes:

  1. Verification of Professional Identity

Your business card visually shows your job and connection to a specific company.

  1. Professional Impression

A nicely designed and professional business card helps make a good first impression and shows that you’re a trustworthy businessperson.

  1. Convenience

Giving out your business card saves time and means you don’t have to keep writing down your contact details in meetings and conversations.

  1. Strengthening your visa application

A business card, especially from the Indian company you’re visiting, adds credibility and reinforces your business purpose. It shows you’re established and connected within the Indian business community.

Format of a business card accepted for India business visa application


  • Your full name: As it appears on your passport, for accurate identification.
  • Your position within the company: Clearly state your position and organization’s name, highlighting your professional role.
  • Contact Information: Include your email address, phone number with international code (if applicable), and website (if you have one) for easy reach.

Here is a sample of a business card in a front view.


  • Logo of your company: If applicable, you can include your company logo for a more professional look.
  • A Slogan of your company

Here is a sample of a business card in a back view.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I don’t have a business card for an India visa?

You can still apply for an India business visa even if you don’t have a business card.

What is an E-Business visa for India?

The e-business visa is designed for individuals who are traveling to India for business purposes, but not for actual employment or commercial activities within India. It is suitable for attending business meetings, and conferences, or exploring potential business partnerships.3

How can I get an Indian business visa?

Here’s the step-by-step process for obtaining your India business visa through Visas for Future.
1. Visit Visas for Future.
2. Click on the “Get India Business E-Visa Now“ button.
3. Fill out the order form with your name, email, and place of submission.
4. Make the payment using a credit or debit card.
5. Fill out the intake form and ensure correct and complete details.
6. Review your input details and then submit.

Can I use an India business visa for tourism?

No, an Indian business visa is designed for individuals intending to visit India for business purposes. If you plan to engage in tourism or other non-business activities, you should apply for a different type of visa, such as a tourist visa.

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