How To Fill Up An OCI Card Application Form In PDF?

If you are looking for assistance in filling out your India OCI form, we have got you covered. Our comprehensive guide will provide step-by-step to help you complete the application process easily and satisfactorily. To get started with your application, click on the button below.

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Filling out an Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) card application form in PDF involves several steps. Below is a general guide on how to fill up an OCI card application form in a PDF format.1

1. Download the OCI Application Form: Obtain the OCI application form from the official website of the respective Indian embassy or consulate. The form is typically available in PDF format.

2. Open the PDF Form: Use a PDF reader like Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the downloaded OCI application form.

3. Enable Editing Mode: If the PDF form is not editable, enable the editing mode. In Adobe Acrobat Reader, there is usually an option to “Fill & Sign” or “Prepare Form” to edit the fields.

4. Read Instructions Carefully: Before filling out the form, carefully read the instructions in the official guidelines. This ensures that you provide accurate and complete information.

5. Complete Personal Information: Fill in your details as required in the form. This may include your name, date of birth, gender, nationality, etc. Use capital letters and avoid any mistakes.

6. Address and Contact Information: Provide your current address, contact number, and email address.

7. Passport Details: Enter details from your current valid passport, such as the passport number, issue date, and expiry date.

8. Upload Photo and Signature: Some forms may require you to attach a recent passport-size photograph and your signature. Ensure that these meet the specified requirements, such as size and format.

9. Supporting Documents: Be prepared to attach any supporting documents required, such as proof of current address, proof of citizenship, etc.

10. Check for Accuracy: Review the filled form carefully to ensure that all information is accurate and matches the supporting documents.

11. Save the Form: Save a copy of the filled form on your computer for your records.

12. Print the Form: Print a hard copy after completing the online form. Some consulates may require a printed version along with the supporting documents.

13. Submit the Form: Submit the completed application form and the required documents to the designated consulate or embassy. Follow the specific submission instructions provided by the authorities.

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How To Fill Out an OCI Card Application Form? Step-by-Step Guide

India OIC Application process:

  • Visit Visas for Future, choose “India OCI” and click the button “Get India OCI now” to proceed with the application process.
  • Fill out the order form with your name, email, and place of submission.
  • Click ”Complete Purchase” to make payment via credit or debit card.
  • Fill out the intake form, and ensure correct and complete details.
  • Review your input details and then submit.
  • Once approved, you’ll receive your OIC card in your email.

Tips For filling out the OCI Card Application

Here are some tips for filling out the OCI application form to prevent any delays:

  • Fill out the online application form. Carefully review and double-check all information before submitting.
  • Upload scanned copies of documents: Ensure they are clear, legible, and meet the specified size and format.
  • Pay the application fee: Fees vary depending on location and application type.

Requirements For filling out the OCI Card Application

The documents required for an India OCI are as follows:2

  • Current citizenship documentation.
  • Documentation verifying address within the application area.
  • Applicants submitting within India must provide a copy of any long-duration visa in their possession
  • Proof of self, parental, grandparental, or great-grandparental status
  • For applicants claiming Indian origin through a parent, grandparent, or great-grandparent, please provide documentation substantiating this relationship.
  • In situations where an OCI applicant is a minor and both parents are Indian citizens, or one parent is an Indian citizen
    • Copy of child’s Birth Certificate.
    • Marriage Certificate of parents.
    • To verify the Indian citizenship of both parents or one parent, please provide either a copy of their Indian passport, a Domicile Certificate, a Nativity Certificate issued by the competent authority, or any other acceptable proof.
    • In cases of divorced parents, where the legal custody of the minor child lies with the OCI applicant parent as per the court order dissolving the marriage, the order itself must explicitly mention this custody arrangement. If the order is not in English or Hindi, an authorized translator’s certified translation in either language is required.
  • Proof of spousal status and your spouse’s citizenship is mandatory for applicants claiming OCI registration through marriage. This requires documentation for marriages to either foreign-born Indian citizens or foreigners. 
  • Source of eligibility for OCI Card registration.

What Are The Supporting Documents you Need to Attach to your OCI Card Application?

Here is a general list of common supporting documents that applicants typically need to attach to their OCI card application:2

  • Proof of citizenship of the applicant.
  • Evidence of self or parents or grandparents:
    • i. Being eligible to become a citizen of India at the time of commencement of the Constitution; OR 
    • ii. Belonging to a territory that became part of India after 15 August 1947 OR
    • iii. Being a citizen of India on or after 26 January 1950  What documents are accepted as evidence?  
  • Primary evidence: Documents issued by or under the authority of any law in India
    • Copy of passport or
    • Copy of domicile certificate issued by the competent authority or 
    • Any other proof (birth certificate, school leaving certificate, domicile certificate, bank accounts, title deeds of properties). 
    • Nativity Certificate: will be issued by the State Government in India by an authority not below a District Collector/ District Magistrate about an applicant being PIO eligible for registration as OCI.  
  • Secondary evidence: Documents issued outside India by or under the authority of a foreign sovereign government. 
    • Passport of foreign country indicating the place of birth of the applicant in India.
    • Any other documents satisfactorily proving the residence/nationality as an Indian  
  • Evidence of relationship as parents/grandparent, if their Indian origin is claimed as basis for grant of Overseas Citizenship of India 
  • PIO Card holders must also submit a copy of their PIO Card  *While primary evidence could be accepted as conclusive evidence, secondary evidence may be referred to M/OIA, whenever in doubt. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an OCI of India cost?

The OCI card costs $368 including a government fee.

What are the new rules for OCI card holders in India?

There are no major new rules for OCI card holders in India. However, there have been some recent updates and clarifications worth noting:
Re-issuance of OCI cards:
For new passports issued under the age of 20: Only one re-issuance is required, capturing facial features on attaining adulthood.
For new passports issued after the age of 20: Re-issuance is required each time.
For OCI cards issued before 2020: Re-issuance is required if the card has expired or contains the old passport number. However, temporary entry is allowed with the old card and new passport for verification.
Travel and entry:
OCI cardholders can enter India with a valid OCI card and passport.
Carrying only the OCI card without the old/canceled passport bearing the “U” visa sticker may result in a temporary landing permit for up to 180 days after verification.

Can I travel to India without an OCI card?

Yes, you can travel to India without an OCI card. However, you will need to apply for a regular visa based on your specific travel purposes, such as a tourism visabusiness visa, or work visa, also offered by Visas for Future.

How many years can OCI stay in India?

Overseas Citizens of India (OCI) are granted lifelong visa-free travel to India. This means that OCI cardholders can stay in India for an indefinite period without the need for a visa.

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