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An Indian medical visa invitation letter is from a recognized hospital or treatment center in India inviting a foreign national to seek medical treatment at their facility. The Indian government requires the letter to apply for a medical visa. If you’re looking for letter services and e-Medical Visa for India processing services, we offer both here at Visas for Future. Continue reading to learn more about our eVisa services.

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The India E-Medical Visa, also known as the Indian Medical e-Tourist Visa, is an electronic travel authorization that allows foreigners to enter India for the sole purpose of seeking medical treatment at authorized hospitals and treatment centers. It’s a convenient and streamlined way to obtain a visa without visiting an Indian embassy or consulate in person.

The invitation letter should contain the following information:

  • The name, passport number, and nationality of the patient and any accompanying attendants.
  • The name, address, and contact details of the hospital or medical institution in India.
  • The diagnosis and treatment plan of the patient, including the expected duration and cost of the treatment.
  • The signature and stamp of the authorized person from the hospital or medical institution in India.

The Indian medical visa invitation letter should be issued on the hospital’s letterhead and addressed to the visa consular at the Indian embassy or consulate in the patient’s country of residence. The patient should submit a copy of the letter and other supporting documents when applying for the Indian medical eVisa online.

However, if you or any of your parents or grandparents were born in Pakistan or have permanently lived there, you won’t be eligible for e-Visas. In such a case, the only option to apply for a visa is through an Indian diplomatic post.

India E-Medical Visa Key Features

  • Validity: It is valid for 60 days from the date of arrival in India and allows for triple entry.1
  • Duration of stay: You can stay in India for a maximum of 180 days in total, but the actual duration of your treatment will determine your length of stay.1
  • Treatment coverage: It covers medical treatment at any of the authorized hospitals and treatment centers listed on the Indian government’s website.
  • Attendants: Up to two attendants can accompany the patient on a separate Medical Attendant Visa, which has the same validity period as the patient’s visa.
  • Application process: The application process is entirely online and can be completed on the Indian government’s e-Visa website.
  • Processing time: The processing time is four days.

Here are some things to keep in mind when applying for the India E-Medical Visa:

  • You must have a valid passport with at least six months of validity remaining from the date of arrival in India.
  • You must have two blank pages in your passport for visa stamps.
  • You must have a confirmed appointment with an authorized hospital or treatment center in India.
  • You must have proof of sufficient funds to cover your medical treatment and living expenses in India.

Overall, the India E-Medical Visa is a valuable option for foreigners seeking medical treatment in India. It is a convenient, quick, and cost-effective way to obtain a visa and access India’s excellent medical facilities.

Visas for Future understands the importance of having the right documentation when it comes to traveling for specialized medical treatment. We offer assistance in writing a letter that is signed by an authorized official from the Indian Hospital, stating the name of the attendant and the patient who is traveling to India for the medical procedure. Our team will provide you with all the necessary information you need to craft a comprehensive and suitable letter.

Additionally, we offer a sample letter that fits your specific situation as a guide to make the process even easier. If you require an E-Medical Visa for India, Visas for Future can also help you with that. We are committed to providing our clients with the best possible services and support to ensure a smooth and hassle-free travel experience.

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Samples of an invitation letter for an Indian Medical Visa

An invitation letter is a crucial document required for an Indian Medical Visa application. It serves as an official confirmation from the hospital or treatment center inviting the patient to seek medical treatment at their facility. Here are two samples to guide you:

Format of the letter to be issued by the Hospital in India for individuals requiring an E-Medical Visa
(To be issued on Hospital Letterhead)

Sample 1: From Hospital on Hospital Letterhead

To the Visa Officer,

Indian Embassy/Consulate in [City, Country]

Subject: Invitation Letter for Medical Visa – [Patient Name]

Dear Sir/Madam,

This letter is to confirm that [Patient Name], passport number [Passport Number], residing at [Patient Address], has been referred to our hospital, [Hospital Name], located at [Hospital Address], for the treatment of [Diagnosis].

[Patient Name] has been diagnosed with [Diagnosis] and requires [Specific Treatment/Procedure]. Our team of experienced doctors and specialists, led by Dr. [Doctor Name], [Doctor Qualifications], has thoroughly reviewed [Patient Name]’s medical history and recommends undergoing [Specific Treatment/Procedure] at our facility.

The estimated duration of the treatment is [Number] weeks/months, starting from [Start Date] to [End Date]. The estimated cost of the treatment, including [Details of Included Costs], is [Total Cost].

[Hospital Name] is a recognized and authorized medical facility in India, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and dedicated to providing high-quality healthcare services. We have a proven track record of successful [Specific Treatment/Procedure] procedures and are confident in delivering the best possible care to [Patient Name].

We sincerely request you to kindly consider this invitation letter as part of [Patient Name]’s Indian Medical Visa application. We are available to provide any further information or documentation you may require.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


[Dr. Name]


[Hospital Name]

Sample 2: From Patient to Visa Officer (if self-paying)

To the Visa Officer,

Indian Embassy/Consulate in [City, Country]

Subject: Medical Visa Application – [Patient Name]

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to apply for an Indian Medical Visa to seek treatment for [Diagnosis] at [Hospital Name], located at [Hospital Address].

I have been diagnosed with [Diagnosis] and require [Specific Treatment/Procedure]. My doctor in [Home Country] has recommended undergoing this treatment at [Hospital Name] due to their expertise and advanced facilities in [Specific Area of Expertise].

I have contacted [Hospital Name] and confirmed that they are willing to accept me as a patient for the [Specific Treatment/Procedure]. The estimated duration of the treatment is [Number] weeks/months, starting from [Start Date] to [End Date]. I have made arrangements to cover the estimated cost of the treatment, which is [Total Cost], through [Source of Funding].

I understand that I may require an attendant during my stay in India. I would like to request a visa for my [Relationship to Attendant] to accompany me for the duration of the treatment. My attendant’s details are as follows:

  • Name: [Attendant Name]
  • Passport Number: [Attendant Passport Number]
  • Relationship to Me: [Relationship]

I am enclosing the following documents with this application:

  • Medical report from my doctor in [Home Country]
  • Appointment confirmation from [Hospital Name]
  • Proof of financial resources to cover the cost of treatment
  • Passport and travel documents

I kindly request you to consider my application for an Indian Medical Visa and grant me permission to travel to India for my necessary medical treatment. I am confident that receiving treatment at [Hospital Name] will significantly improve my health and well-being.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


[Patient Name]

Sample 3

[To: Visa Consular
Indian Embassy

Request for Medical Visa

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are writing to invite Mr. John Smith, a citizen of the United States of America, holding passport number XXXXXXXX, to undergo a kidney transplant surgery at our hospital in New Delhi, India. Mr. Smith is suffering from end-stage renal disease and requires an urgent transplant. His brother, Mr. James Smith, who is also a citizen of the United States of America, holding passport number YYYYYYYY, will be accompanying him as his donor and attendant.

Our hospital, ABC Hospital, is a reputed and accredited medical institution in India, specializing in organ transplantation and nephrology. We have a team of experienced and qualified doctors, nurses, and technicians who will provide the best possible care to Mr. Smith and his brother. The surgery will be performed by Dr. Z, who is a renowned transplant surgeon and the head of the department of nephrology at our hospital.

The estimated cost of the surgery and the post-operative care is US $30,000, which will be borne by Mr. Smith and his family. The expected duration of the treatment is 6 weeks, during which Mr. Smith and his brother will stay at our hospital and then at a nearby hotel. We have made all the necessary arrangements for their accommodation and transportation.

We request you to kindly grant a medical visa to Mr. Smith and his brother for their travel to India. We assure you that they will abide by all the rules and regulations of the Indian government and will return to their country after the completion of their treatment.

We appreciate your cooperation and assistance in this matter. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


(Signature and stamp of the authorized person)
Name and title of the authorized person
ABC Hospital
Address and contact details of the hospital]

How to write an invitation letter for a Medical visa to India?

Who should write the letter?

  • Hospital/Treatment Center: If you’re seeking treatment at a specific hospital or center, they should write the letter on their official letterhead.
  • Patient (Self-Paying): If you’re arranging your own treatment and paying for it directly, you can write the letter yourself.

Structure and Content:

1. Introduction

  • Briefly introduce yourself (Hospital/Patient) and the purpose of the letter (visa invitation).
  • State the patient’s name, passport number, and address.

2. Medical Information

  • Explain the patient’s diagnosis and why they require treatment in India.
  • Briefly describe the recommended treatment/procedure and why it’s necessary.
  • Mention the doctor/specialist responsible for the treatment (if applicable).

3. Treatment Details

  • Specify the estimated duration of the treatment and expected dates of stay.
  • Provide the estimated cost of the treatment and clarify who will be covering it.

4. Hospital/Center Information (if applicable)

  • Briefly highlight the hospital/center’s expertise and qualifications in treating the specific condition.
  • Mention their state-of-the-art facilities and technology relevant to the treatment.

5. Attendant (optional)

  • If the patient needs an attendant, mention their name, passport number, and relationship to the patient.

6. Conclusion

  • Express your confidence in the treatment’s success and contribution to the patient’s well-being.
  • Request the visa officer’s favorable consideration of the application.
  • Offer to provide any further information needed.

7. Signature and Contact Information

  • Include the writer’s name, designation, and contact details (hospital/personal).

Additional Tips:

  • Use a formal and professional tone throughout the letter.
  • Proofread carefully for any errors.
  • Attach supporting documents, such as medical reports, appointment confirmations, and proof of financial resources.
  • Submit the letter well in advance of the visa application deadline.

Tips and instructions for writing an effective and convincing invitation letter

To help you secure an E-Medical Visa for your guest, here are some tips and instructions for crafting a compelling invitation letter:

1. Introduce Yourself and Your Relationship to the Guest

  • Start by clearly stating your full name and contact information.
  • Briefly explain your relationship to the guest (e.g., patient, family member, sponsor).
  • Mention how long you’ve known each other (if applicable).

2. State the Purpose of the Visit and Medical Treatment

  • Clearly state the reason for the guest’s visit to the Philippines, emphasizing the need for medical treatment.
  • Specify the name of the accredited medical facility where the treatment will take place.
  • Briefly describe the medical condition and the specific treatment or procedure required.

3. Offer Proof of Financial Support

  • Assure the immigration authorities that you will be responsible for all the guest’s expenses during their stay in the Philippines.
  • Provide documented proof of your financial capability, such as bank statements, payslips, or sponsorship letters.
  • If applicable, mention any health insurance coverage the guest has for the treatment.

4. Specify the Duration of Stay and Travel Plans

  • Clearly state the expected arrival and departure dates of the guest.
  • Briefly outline the guest’s intended travel plans within the Philippines (if any).

5. Express Your Commitment and Responsibility

  • Reiterate your commitment to taking full responsibility for the guest’s stay and expenses.
  • Emphasize that you will ensure the guest complies with all immigration regulations and departs the Philippines upon completion of their treatment.

6. Conclude Professionally and Courteously

  • Thank the immigration authorities for their time and consideration.
  • Sign the letter and provide your printed name and signature.

Importance of an Invitation letter for a Medical visa to India

An invitation letter is an extremely important document for securing a Medical Visa to India for several reasons:

Proof of Purpose and Validity

  • It serves as a primary document confirming the applicant’s sole purpose of visiting India for medical treatment.
  • Without a clear invitation, the Indian authorities might suspect travel for other purposes, potentially leading to visa denial.

Verifying Credentials

  • The letter can include details about the hospital or medical institution where the treatment will occur, adding an element of credibility and legitimacy to the application.
  • Mentioning the specific doctor or specialist involved further strengthens the visa request.

Financial Responsibility

  • The invitation letter provides an opportunity to demonstrate financial support for the applicant’s entire stay in India, covering medical expenses, living costs, and travel.
  • Proof of your financial capability through bank statements or sponsorship letters builds trust with the authorities.

Clear and Concise Communication

  • The letter allows you to clearly state the duration of the applicant’s stay, which should align with the expected treatment timeline.
  • You can also outline any planned travel within India related to medical care, showcasing cooperation with immigration regulations.

Expressing Commitment

  • An invitation letter serves as a formal declaration of your commitment to take full responsibility for the applicant during their stay in India.
  • This includes ensuring they comply with visa terms and depart upon completion of treatment.

Overall Effect

  • A well-written and convincing invitation letter strengthens the applicant’s case by presenting a transparent, organized, and trustworthy narrative of their medical travel plans.
  • It shows the authorities that the applicant has a legitimate reason for travel, sufficient financial backing, and responsible individuals supporting their visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is India issuing medical visas now?

Yes, India is issuing medical visas now. They resumed issuing medical visas in October 2020 after a temporary suspension due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Can I see a doctor in India with a tourist visa?

In most cases, seeing a doctor in India with a tourist visa is allowed for minor, non-emergency medical needs, such as consultations, basic checkups, or refilling prescriptions. If you require medical attention in India, you’ll need to apply for a proper medical visa. This visa is specifically designed for individuals seeking medical treatment in India

  1. DETAILS OF VISAS GRANTED BY INDIA. (2018<https://www.mha.gov.in/PDF_Other/AnnexIII_01022018.pdf> [] []

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