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An Indian Medical Visa is specifically designed for individuals seeking medical treatment in recognized hospitals or healthcare institutions in India. To check your visa status, just provide your passport number and visa application number. Continue reading to discover more about checking your India Medical Visa Status Online. If you are in need of an e-Medical Visa for India, consider choosing our services. We strive to simplify the entire process for your convenience.

Get India e-Medical Visa

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To check the status of your visa application:

  • Visit the India Visa government website.
  • Choose “check your visa status” near the bottom of the page.
  • Enter the 12-digit unique Application ID that can be seen on your receipt issued by the Indian Mission/Agent where you have submitted your application. For the e-Medical visa, the Application ID can be seen in the Acknowledgement Message and the printed Application Form.
  • Enter your Passport number. 
  • Carefully enter the captcha code. 
  • Click “Check Status” for normal visa applications and “Advanced search for e-Medical visa only” for e-visa applications. 

If you’re planning a medical visit to India, consider opting for an Indian e-Medical Visa through Visas for Future. It’s the quickest and simplest way to travel to India. By choosing our services, you can have your visa delivered to your mailbox within four days. Moreover, you can contribute to environmental conservation. For each visa you buy, Visas for Future plants a tree. This ensures that your travel is not only fast and easy but also environmentally friendly.

What We’re Offering

We offer India e-Medical Visa processing service for $144.64. Our processing service will give you your India e-Medical Visa in your mailbox within four days. We offer a triple-entry e-Medical visa valid for 60 days from the date of arrival. It is meant for those traveling to India for medical procedures, surgeries, or medical consultations.

Why choose us

Our visa forms are easy and simple.
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We answer your questions.
We plant a tree!

What is a Visa Status Enquiry?

The Visa Status Enquiry service allows applicants to track the progress of their visa application. This service helps you stay informed about the status of your application and allows you to plan accordingly.


  • Track Application Progress: Stay informed about the current stage of your application.
  • Plan Travel Arrangements: Make necessary travel arrangements based on the visa status.
  • Manage Expectations: Avoid last-minute surprises and disappointments.
  • Address Delays: Identify and address any potential delays in the processing.

What are the types of status for the Indian Medical Visa?

 The status of your application will be one of the following:

  • Pending: Your application is still being processed.
  • Approved: Your visa has been approved.
  • Denied: Your visa has been denied.

Importance of knowing the status of the Indian Medical Visa application

Your Indian Visa status holds significant importance for several reasons:

  1. Effective Planning: Understanding your Indian Visa status aids in planning and preparing for your travel.
  2. Rejection Handling: In case of visa rejection, it allows you to explore alternative arrangements or strategize for approval.
  3. Approval Readiness: If the visa is approved, but travel authorization is pending, you can start packing and organizing for a smooth journey to avoid delays.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I check my Indian visa status online?

Yes, you can! Once your visa application has been submitted, it is possible to track its status online. 

How long is the medical visa for India?

The duration and validity of an India Medical visa is 60 days from the date of arrival.1

How do I know if my visa is rejected?

There are multiple ways to determine whether your Indian e-medical visa has been rejected:
1. Email Notification: The Indian embassy or consulate will notify you by email if your visa application is rejected. This email will usually include the reason for rejection and any specific instructions for appeal or reapplication.
2. Online Application Portal: Most Indian embassies and consulates offer online application portals to track your application status. The portal will indicate whether your application has been approved, or rejected.
3. Direct Inquiry: You can check the status of your Indian visa application by contacting the Indian embassy or consulate where you applied. Make sure to have your full name, passport number, and application reference number ready.

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