What is the Additional Particulars Form, and Why Do You Need It for Your Indian Visa Application?

The Additional Particulars Form for an Indian Visa is necessary for individuals applying for a visa at an Indian embassy or consulate overseas. This article gives you all the important information about the Additional Particulars Form, along with a sample form. You can choose our services if you want a simple and efficient e-visa process. We make the whole experience easy for you.

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The Additional Particulars Form is required for nationals of countries other than Uganda, Rwanda, or Burundi to submit alongside their Indian visa application. This form requests additional information such as personal details, nationality, previous visas, employment status, and criminal history. Download the Additional Particulars Form from the Indian embassy or consulate website in your country of residence.

It is important to note that the Additional Particulars Form is not mandatory for applicants who are applying for a visa through the online e-visa process. This process is simpler and faster and is suitable for those who wish to visit India for short-term purposes such as tourism, business, medical or conferences.  

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What is the additional particulars form in the Indian visa?

The image shows the Additional Particulars Form Indian Visa services sample.

Additional Particulars Form Indian Visa

Purpose of additional particulars form for the Indian Visa

The Additional Particulars Form Indian Visa is to collect more information about the applicant’s background, travel history, and intentions for visiting India. The form helps the Indian authorities to verify the applicant’s identity, eligibility, and suitability for the visa they are applying for. The form also allows the Indian authorities to prevent fraud, abuse, and misuse of the visa system. 

Do I need to fill out the Additional Particulars Form?

Nationals of countries other than Uganda, Rwanda or Burundi must complete an Additional Personal Particulars form along with the Visa Application Form.

What kind of information do I have to provide on the form?

The information requested should  include:

  • Your name, passport number, and nationality.
  • Whether you hold dual nationality or have changed your name.
  • Whether you or your spouse or your parents or grandparents have ever held the citizenship of Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Bhutan, China, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, or any other country.
  • Whether you have ever worked or are currently working with the armed forces, police, para-military forces, or government service of any country.
  • Whether you have ever held an official or diplomatic passport.
  • Your current employment status and details of your employer.
  • Whether you have ever been convicted of any criminal offense or are facing criminal charges in any court of law.
  • Whether you or your parents have ever applied for asylum in any country.

How to fill out the form correctly?

To fill out the additional particulars form for India visa correctly, you have to follow these steps:

  • Use a black or blue pen and write in capital letters.
  • Fill in all the fields with the required information. Do not leave any field blank. If a field does not apply, write N/A or None.
  • Provide accurate and truthful information. Do not provide any false or misleading information. If you are unsure about something, check with the Indian embassy or consulate or consult a reliable source.
  • Sign and date the form at the bottom. If you are a minor, your parent or guardian has to sign and date the form on your behalf.
  • Attach a recent passport-sized photo of yourself on the top right corner of the form. The photo should have a white background and show your full face without accessories or headgear.

Frequently Ask Questions

What supporting documents do I need for an Indian visa?

You need documents like a passport, photos, proof of financial means, itinerary, and visa fee receipt for an Indian visa.

What if I made a mistake on my Indian visa application?

If you made a mistake on your Indian visa application, contact the embassy or consulate immediately for assistance.

Do I need a bank statement for an Indian visa?

Whether you need a bank statement for an Indian visa depends on your nationality, visa type, and the Indian embassy or consulate you are applying to. 

What is the reason for my Indian visa rejection?

Visa rejection can occur for various reasons, and the specific cause can depend on individual circumstances and the details of your visa application.

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