About Us

Constantine during a trip to the Bavarian Alps. Schliersee, Germany Spring 2023

My name is Constantine and I believe in environmentalism and technology. I hope that, together, we can make a better future. I started this website to give travelers a sustainable tourism travel agency.

During a Christmas market with a friend, we discussed how a white Christmas was harder and harder to find. We agreed that there should be more ways to stem climate change and that we’re both interested in travel. “What if we could do both, save the planet and travel?” we pondered. That’s when we decided to create a sustainable tourism travel agency.

From knowing someone who invested in a social enterprise, our advisor recommended that we go about this venture as a social enterprise. Therefore we teamed up with One Tree Planted. Together, we’re on a mission to save the planet. For every visa sold, we plant a tree. My investment thesis is that this will stem the climate crisis, inspire others to create sustainable social enterprises, and make for a better planet.

It’s obvious that the climate crisis is a crisis and that we all need to pitch in to save the planet. This is an urgent issue and we’re not doing enough. Many governments are making policies that are in the right direction but they do not go far enough to make a meaningful impact on the environment. We need companies to step in.

This is where the second point comes in. By succeeding, we hope to encourage others to create social enterprises too. Currently, the startup and investment world is biased against social enterprises, thinking that they don’t produce a return as good as for-profit companies. Financially, what we’re saying is that we’ll do business with a financial disability built into our enterprise. It’s not good!

This makes it hard for new founders to gain funds for social enterprises, discourages new founders from starting social enterprises, makes it harder for social enterprises to succeed, and limits the amount of social enterprises people can choose from. I want to prove them wrong. Join me in changing the world! Your consumption is a signal to the rest of the business community that you wish for more social enterprises. Only by making it clear that social enterprises are profitable and secure would investors readily support them.

Lastly, our vision is that, by offering a sustainable tourism travel agency, we can save the planet directly with every tree planted. Indirectly, I hope to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs, investors, business people, and educators to consider social enterprises as viable social institutions that do good for society, the planet, customers, and employees. This is the future we want.

Our task is critical, and I hope you support my team and me by buying from us, starting your social enterprise, or simply spreading the word about our mission. Every trip is essential, every share is important, and every tree is important.

Safe travels,


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