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An Indian OCI Card consent letter is a formal request to the Indian Embassy or Consulate for permission to fix errors in an OCI card application, like typos in the applicant's name or date of birth. It's also needed in situations where someone has a cognitive disability, psychological illness or when there are changes in marital status, joint applications, or legal guardianship. For additional information about consent letters, please continue reading this article.

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A consent letter is a document that shows agreement or permission from one person to another. It means an individual, usually a parent, legal guardian, or someone in charge, willingly allows a specific action, transaction, or process.1Consent letters play a common role in various situations related to an Indian OCI (Overseas Citizen of India) card. For example, they can be used to grant permission to fix errors in an OCI card application, like correcting typos in the applicant’s name or date of birth. When a child under 18 wants to apply for an Indian OCI card, parents or legal guardians provide permission on behalf of their child. Consent letters are also important for individuals dealing with cognitive disabilities, psychological illness, or when there are changes in marital status, as well as for joint applications.

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  1. For Potential Errors: The letter permits the Indian Embassy or Consulate to correct any error in the information you provided in your application.
  2. For OCI applications for minors: For OCI applicants who are under 18 years old, it is necessary for both parents or legal guardians to sign a consent letter. When parents or guardians sign the consent letter, they say they support the application and understand the rights and duties that come with it.
  3. For OCI applications for individuals with physical/mental disabilities: Individuals unable to sign their consent letter due to physical or psychological incapacity must require a legal guardian to provide consent for their appointment as representative and decision-maker. 

Address the Recipient

  • Start the letter by addressing it to the Consulate General or High Commission of India in your respective country.

Provide Personal Details

  • Write the date of the letter and include your full name and address.

Formal Salutation

  • Begin the letter with a formal salutation, addressing the recipient professionally.

State your purpose

  • For minors: Introduce yourself as the parent/legal guardian of “[child’s name]” and mention your relationship to them (father, mother, legal guardian). Clearly state your intent to provide consent for the issuance of an OCI card for your child.
  • For corrections: Mention your full name and state that you are writing to provide consent for minor corrections to your OCI application, if necessary.

Clarify Rights and Responsibilities

  • For a minor applicant, acknowledge and accept the rights and responsibilities associated with the OCI card. Clearly state your understanding of these aspects for the minor.

Application reference

  • Include the individual and child’s OCI application reference number.

Signature and Date for Minors

  • If the consent letter is for a minor, ensure both parents or legal guardians sign it below their printed names. Include the date.

Signature and Date for Corrections

  • If the letter pertains to corrections, sign below your printed name and include the date.

Tips for Writing a Consent Letter for an Indian OCI Card:

  1. Formal Tone: Use professional language and a respectful tone throughout the letter.
  2. Conciseness: Keep your letter short and direct to the point. Don’t include unnecessary details.
  3. Accuracy: Make sure all the information you have is correct. Double-check names, dates, and any other details.
  4. Proofreading: Before finalizing your letter, read it carefully to catch any errors or typos. This step helps ensure that your communication is polished and error-free before submission.

The image below is a sample of a Consent Letter for OCI Application for Minors.2

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I write a parent consent letter for a passport?

To write a parent consent letter for a passport, begin by stating your full name, address, and the date. Address the letter to the relevant authorities. Clearly express your consent for your child’s passport application, including their full name and date of birth. Acknowledge your understanding of the responsibilities associated with the passport issuance. Sign the letter, and consider including any necessary supporting documents. End with your contact information for further communication.

What is the meaning of a consent letter?

A consent letter is a formal document that expresses someone’s willingness to allow or approve of something. It serves as written evidence of their consent and can be used for various purposes.

What is a consent form for a child traveling with one parent?

A consent form for a child traveling with one parent is a written document authorizing the single parent to take their child on a trip, typically required by airlines, border officials, or other authorities for verification and child protection purposes.

What is the affidavit of parental consent?

An affidavit of parental consent is a sworn statement, usually notarized, confirming that a parent or legal guardian grants permission for their child to participate in something that the child wouldn’t normally be able to do due to their age or legal limitations.

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