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Getting your passport photo online is a straightforward and convenient process. However, ensuring that your photo meets the government's requirements is crucial. Visas for Future provides an online service for Tanzania photos, ensuring compliance with government standards. The images must be 40mm x 45mm. Use a plain white or off-white background, center your head with a neutral expression, ensure good lighting, and wear professional attire. Our stress-free service guarantees meeting all passport application criteria. Learn more about how we can help you get your photo approved online.

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Taking your Tanzania passport photo online can be a time and hassle-saver. Here are the advantages of using online passport photos:

  1. Convenience: You can make passport photos online from anywhere, anytime.
  2. Affordability: Online passport photos are usually much cheaper than those taken at a studio.
  3. Quickness: Creating passport photos online is a speedy process that takes only a few minutes.
  4. Flexibility: You can modify your passport photo until it meets your satisfaction.

Here are the full rules for the Tanzania passport photo:1

  • Photo Dimensions: The required size for a Tanzania visa passport photo is 40mm x 45mm. Ensure that the photo is neither smaller nor larger than this specified size.
  • Background Color: Choose a plain white or off-white background for the passport photo. Do not use patterned or dark-colored backgrounds, as they may not meet the visa requirements.
  • Head Position and Facial Expression: Center your head and face directly towards the camera. Maintain a neutral facial expression with your mouth closed and eyes open. Avoid smiling or making exaggerated facial expressions.
  • Lighting and Shadows: Ensure the photo is well-lit without harsh shadows obscuring your face. Check for glares or reflections on glasses if worn.
  • Attire: Opt for professional attire in your passport photo. Avoid wearing hats, headscarves, or any accessories that may obscure your face unless required for religious or medical reasons.
Click the photo to view the Tanzania passport photo size infographic.

Visas for Future Passport Photo Service

Consider Visas for Future when you need a Tanzania passport photo online that meets all the requirements. Simply take a photo following our guidelines and send it, and we’ll handle the editing. Enjoy free delivery of your passport photos to your doorstep in Canada, the EU, the US, and the UK. If you’re outside these areas, we’ll email your passport photos for convenient printing at home. Plus, with every purchase, we contribute to planting a tree!

How it works

Take a photo.
We verify your photo.
Passport photos are delivered by post or email.

How to take your passport photo

Here’s how you can take passport photos at home to ensure that they’ll be high quality:

1.) Stand .5 meters or 2 feet from the wall. This ensures that there’s no shadow on your portrait.

2.) Place the camera 2 meters or 6 feet away from the subject. This will prevent distortion and give you a prettier picture!

3.) Have the camera on the same level as the subject’s face.

4.) Use plenty of lighting. Natural light is preferred, but plenty of light in general is the best. Make sure it is even and doesn’t leave a shadow.

Benefits of using an online passport photo service

There are many choices when it comes to getting a passport photo, but here are reasons why you should go with an online agent:

  1. You don’t have to leave your house.
  2. We know the passport photo rules of the country you’re applying to.
  3. We validate your photo – we check your passport photo to make sure it is in order.
  4. Save money with bulk orders – you can order many passport photos and save.

Why choose us

Visas for Future is a convenient service that can help you with your passport photo needs. Here are six reasons why you should choose Visas for Future for your passport photo services:

  • Expertise: Our experts ensure that your passport photo meets the official requirements of your destination country.
  • Convenience: You can upload your own photo or take one with your smartphone, and we will crop, resize, and enhance it to create a perfect biometric photo.
  • Support: We’re visa and passport photo experts. You can ask us travel questions, which will make your trip-planning process easier.
  • Speed: Your photos are shipped within a day!
  • Unlimited retakes: You can also take as many photos as you want until you are satisfied with the result.

Sample passport photo of Tanzania

Here are sample images of correct and incorrect Tanzania passport photos.2

Online services for Tanzania passport photos

Looking for online passport photo services? Visas for Future is a reliable option to ensure your Tanzania passport photo meets all the necessary specifications. Just follow our simple steps below:

Step 1: Go to the official Visas for Future website, and once there, scroll down on the Visas for Future page to locate the passport photo section at the bottom. Click on the “Get Passport Photo Now” section to proceed.

Step 2: Fill out the order form with essential details like your name, email address, and country of residence, and specify the country for which you need a passport.

Step 3: Pay the application fee securely.

Step 4: Upload your chosen photo for your passport application, following the provided guidelines for clarity and compliance.

Step 5: Receive your photo within 24 hours.

Check the validity of online passport photo services

To validate your passport photo online, follow these steps:

  1. Choose a trustworthy checker:
    • Explore your government’s passport agency website for a list of approved or recommended services.
    • Research reliable third-party websites like Passport Photo Online, VisaPro, or iVisa, ensuring they meet your country’s requirements.
  2. Upload your photo:
    • Most checkers enable you to upload a photo from your computer or phone.
    • Verify supported file formats (e.g., JPG, PNG) and size limitations.
  3. Follow the instructions:
    • Each site may have specific steps, such as selecting your country and the photo type (passport, visa, etc.).
  4. Review the results:
    • The checker will assess your photo for compliance with requirements like size, background, expression, and headwear.
    • Some checkers provide detailed feedback and suggestions for improvement.
  5. Download/purchase (optional):
    • If your photo meets the criteria, you may download a compliant version or purchase printing services.

Additional tips:

  • Compare checkers: Different checkers may offer varying levels of detail and features.
  • Prioritize compliance: Ensure the checker aligns with your country’s official passport photo requirements.
  • Supplement with caution: Final approval always rests with the government agency.
  • Consider expert review: Some services provide expert review for a fee, offering additional peace of mind.

Tips when using online services for Passport photos

Tips for using online passport photo services:

Before choosing any service:

  1. Verify compliance: Check if the service follows your government’s passport photo requirements. Look for government-approved websites or consult official information.
  2. Research reputation: Read reviews on platforms like Google or Trustpilot to understand user experiences. Choose a service with positive feedback in your region.
  3. Check website transparency: Ensure the website clearly explains its process, pricing, guarantees, and customer support. Beware of unclear information or hidden fees.

When choosing a service:

  1. Focus on features: Consider services with expert review, money-back guarantees, and size/format adjustments.
  2. Compare prices: While not the only factor, compare prices to find a reasonable option.
  3. Data security: Choose a service with a secure website (HTTPS) and clear data privacy policies, as passport photos contain sensitive information.

While using the service:

  1. Follow instructions carefully: Ensure your photo meets size, format, background, and headwear requirements.
  2. Take good quality photos: Use good lighting and a plain background, and avoid filters or edits.
  3. Multiple photos: Take several shots from different angles to increase the chances of meeting all criteria.
  4. Review before finalizing: Carefully check your photo to ensure it meets all requirements before submitting it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I download my passport photo online?

Whether you can download your passport photo online depends on the specific service or platform you use to create your passport photo.

Can I take a passport photo on my phone?

Yes, you can take a passport photo on your phone, as long as you follow the official requirements for the size, quality, content, and expression of the photo.

How do I put a picture on my passport application?

For online applications:
1. Direct Upload: In some countries, you can upload your passport photo directly from your computer as part of the online application. Refer to the specific guidelines on your government’s passport agency website.
2. Digital Photo Code: Certain services offer a digital photo code that you enter during the online application, automatically linking the photo to your submission.
For paper applications:
1. Staple the Photo: In most countries, physical attachment of the photo to the designated area on the application form is required. Use four staples (one in each corner), making sure they don’t cover important information.
2. Glue Stick: Some countries permit the use of a glue stick to attach the photo. Follow the instructions on the application form diligently.

Is an iPhone photo good for a passport?

An iPhone photo can be used for a passport as long as it meets the specific requirements set by the government agency in charge of issuing passports.

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