Uganda Passport Photo Size 2024

Passport photos for Ugandan passports have specific requirements. The photos should have dimensions of 51 millimeters by 51 millimeters (or 2 inches by 2 inches) and should be in color. They need to be printed on regular photo paper and should feature a clear, well-lit image of your face against a plain white or off-white background. Keep reading for more detailed specifications of the Uganda passport photo.

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A Ugandan passport is your key to exploring the world, and a crucial part of the application process is getting the right photos. Don’t worry, this guide will walk you through everything you need to know to ensure your Ugandan passport photos meet all the requirements.

Here are the complete guidelines for a Uganda passport photo:1

  • General Requirements
    • Size: 
      • 51 mm x 51 mm.
      • 5.1 cm x 5.1 cm
      • 2 inches x 2 inches
    • Color: Must be in color
    • Quantity: Three (3) identical photographs are required
    • Paper: Printed on normal, thin photographic paper. Must not be glazed on the reverse side.
  • Photo Composition
    • Background: Plain white or off-white background
    • Head: Must be centered in the frame and fill approximately 70-80% of the photograph. The head size, measured from the bottom of the chin to the top of the head (including hair), should be between 25 millimeters (mm) and 35 millimeters (mm) (or 1 inch to 1 3/8 inches).
    • Expression: Neutral facial expression with both eyes open and mouth closed.
    • Clothing: You should wear clothing that you normally wear daily. Avoid wearing hats, scarves, or other headwear that obscures your face unless it is worn for religious purposes. In that case, a signed statement from a religious leader is required.

Additional Requirements:

  • Glasses: Glasses are generally acceptable if they do not obscure your eyes or cast shadows on your face. However, it is recommended that you remove your glasses for your passport photo if possible.
  • Headwear: Headwear is not permitted unless it is worn for religious purposes. In that case, a signed statement from a religious leader is required.
  • Recency: Ensure the photo is recent, taken within the last six months, and reflects your current appearance.

If you need help taking a good Uganda passport photo, visit Visas for Future. Our experts can help you with everything from choosing the right clothes and background to posing correctly and meeting the official requirements.

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How to take your passport photo

Here’s how you can take passport photos at home to ensure that they’ll be high quality:

1.) Stand .5 meters or 2 feet from the wall. This ensures that there’s no shadow on your portrait.

2.) Place the camera 2 meters or 6 feet away from the subject. This will prevent distortion and give you a prettier picture!

3.) Have the camera on the same level as the subject’s face.

4.) Use plenty of lighting. Natural light is preferred, but plenty of light is generally the best. Make sure it is even and doesn’t leave a shadow.

Benefits of using an online passport photo service

There are many choices when it comes to getting a passport photo, but here are reasons why you should go with an online agent:

  1. You don’t have to leave your house.
  2. We know the passport photo rules of the country you’re applying to.
  3. We validate your photo – we check your passport photo to make sure it is in order.
  4. Save money with bulk orders – you can order many passport photos and save.

Why choose us

Visas for Future is a convenient service that can help you with your passport photo needs. Here are six reasons why you should choose Visas for Future for your passport photo services:

  • Expertise: Our experts ensure that your passport photo meets the official requirements of your destination country.
  • Convenience: You can upload your own photo or take one with your smartphone, and we will crop, resize, and enhance it to create a perfect biometric photo.
  • Support: We’re visa and passport photo experts. You can ask us travel questions, which will make your trip-planning process easier.
  • Speed: Your photos are shipped within a day!
  • Unlimited retakes: You can also take as many photos as you want until you are satisfied with the result.

Resolution and quality of the photo required for a Uganda passport

While the official Ugandan passport photo requirements specify the size in millimeters and inches, they don’t explicitly state the pixel resolution. However, for best practice and to avoid potential issues with the application process.


  • While not officially mandated, a minimum resolution of 600 pixels in width and 600 pixels in height is generally recommended. This ensures a clear and detailed image when printed at the required size.


  • The photo should be of high quality and sharp. No visible pixels or blurring should be present.
  • The image should be clear and in color with an accurate representation of your skin tone and natural lighting.
  • There should be no shadows on your face or the background.

Meeting these recommendations will significantly increase the chance of your photo being accepted during the passport application process. If using a digital camera or phone, check the settings to ensure the image resolution meets or exceeds the suggested minimum.

What are the Attire guidelines for the Uganda passport photo?

The attire guidelines for a Uganda passport photo emphasize neutrality and clarity:

  • Plain clothing: Opt for plain clothing with solid colors that contrast well with the white or off-white background. Avoid wearing busy patterns, bright colors, or clothing with logos or slogans.
  • Religious attire: If you wear headwear or specific attire for religious purposes, you may wear it in your photo. However, a signed statement from a religious leader is required to confirm this practice.
  • Uniforms: Generally, uniforms are not recommended unless it’s religious attire you wear daily.
  • Professional attire: While not explicitly forbidden, overly formal attire like suits and ties might not be ideal as it can appear too posed and deviate from a natural look.

Here are some additional points to consider:

  • Exposed skin: It’s best to dress modestly and avoid excessive amounts of exposed skin, especially in areas like the shoulders and chest.
  • Jewelry: While small, simple jewelry is generally acceptable, avoid wearing large or flashy pieces that may distract from your face.
  • Hair: Style your hair in a way that keeps your face clear and unobstructed.

Remember, the key is to present a natural and professional appearance in your passport photo, which aligns with the overall purpose of the document.

Correct and Incorrect Uganda Passport Photo Sample

Shadows and lighting

Size and Position

Resolution, Size, and Quality

Pose and Expression

attire, Hats, and Hair



Source: Travel State Government

How do I get a passport photo that meets Uganda’s specifications?

Here are the steps to obtain your Uganda passport photo meets all the official requirements:

Step 1: Click on “Get Passport Photo now“.

Step 2: Fill out the order with your personal information, including your country of residence.

Step 3: Pay the application fee of $5.50.

Step 4: Upload your clear photo with a neutral expression.

Step 5: You will receive an email notification with the attached passport photo.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a green passport mean in Uganda?

A green passport signifies an official or service passport issued to specific individuals holding positions in government or public service. It grants them certain privileges during international travel, but these differ from the full diplomatic immunity associated with red diplomatic passports.

What is the new passport in Uganda in 2024?

Uganda did not introduce a completely new type of passport in 2024. However, it upgraded its existing electronic passports (e-passports) to polycarbonate e-passports.

How long does a passport take to be processed in Uganda?

Processing times for Ugandan passports depend on the chosen service level:
1. Regular processing: This takes ten working days and costs UGX 250,000.
2. Express processing: This takes two working days and costs UGX 400,000.

How many types of passports are there in Uganda?

Uganda offers three types of passports:
1. Ordinary Passport (Slay Blue): Issued to ordinary citizens for regular international travel.
2. Service Passport (Green): Issued to government officials, members of parliament, and other individuals holding specific public service positions, granting them limited travel privileges.
3. Diplomatic Passport (Red): Issued to diplomats, ambassadors, and individuals on official diplomatic missions, offering full diplomatic immunity.

  1. The Citizen Report, Uganda. (2022). Public Guide To Uganda Passport Services. https://thecitizenreport.ug/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/Passports-Need-To-Know-.pdf []

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