Philippine Passport Photo Makeup Guidelines

The Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) permits minimal makeup for passport photos with certain restrictions, aiming to guarantee a clear and accurate representation of the applicant. Continue reading to learn more about passport photo guidelines and how we can assist you in obtaining an approved photo.

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Here are the passport photo makeup rules for the Philippines:

  • Foundation: Choose a lightweight foundation that perfectly matches your skin tone. Many Filipino-friendly shades are readily available from various brands.
  • Concealer: Apply concealer to camouflage redness, dark spots, and imperfections. Remember, passport photos tend to amplify problem areas, so targeted concealing is crucial.
  • Under-eye concealer: Opt for a shade slightly lighter than your foundation to brighten your under-eyes and create a refreshed appearance.
  • Powder: Set your face with a translucent powder to control shine and avoid looking overly dewy in your photo.
  • Additional Makeup: Blush, lipstick, and bronzer are optional. If you choose to use them, stick to natural-looking shades that enhance your features without being too dramatic. Remember, a subtle, “my-lips-but-better” lipstick is always a good choice.
  • Avoid: Glittery makeup can create unwanted reflections in your passport photo. Stick to matte finishes for a professional and polished look.

Here’s a sample photo demonstrating how to achieve a natural makeup look for a Philippine passport photo.1

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The Philippine passport photo requirements are based on International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards, ensuring consistency and accuracy for international travel. Here are the full rules to ensure your photo gets accepted:2


  • Size: 2 inches x 2 inches (51mm x 51mm)
  • Color: Recent color photo (taken within the last six months)
  • Quantity: One (1) photo required

Facial features:

  • Pose: Face the camera directly with your head centered and level (no tilting or turning).
  • Expression: Neutral expression with both eyes open and mouth closed. A slight smile like the “Mona Lisa” smile is acceptable.
  • Hair: Should not cover your eyes or eyebrows. Style your hair neatly to show your full face.
  • Glasses: Remove eyeglasses and colored contact lenses. Clear contact lenses are allowed unless they alter your eye color.
  • Headwear: Not allowed, except for religious purposes (e.g., hijab, turban). The headwear must not obscure your face.

Technical specifications:

  • Background: Plain white or light-colored background with no patterns or shadows.
  • Resolution: High resolution for clear facial details.
  • Focus: Sharp focus on your face.
  • Printing: High-quality photo paper with matte or semi-matte finish.

Additional tips:

  • Wear decent clothing with appropriate necklines, and avoid sleeveless tops or plunging necklines.
  • Ensure your eyebrows are visible and not covered by bangs.
  • For infants, someone can gently hold the baby’s head upright and out of view in the photo.
Philippines Passport Photo

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How to take your passport photo

Here’s how you can take passport photos at home to ensure that they’ll be high quality:

1.) Stand .5 meters or 2 feet from the wall. This ensures that there’s no shadow on your portrait.

2.) Place the camera 2 meters or 6 feet away from the subject. This will prevent distortion and give you a prettier picture!

3.) Have the camera on the same level as the subject’s face.

4.) Use plenty of lighting. Natural light is preferred but plenty of light in general is the best. Make sure it is even and doesn’t leave a shadow.

Benefits of using an online passport photo service

There are many choices when it comes to getting a passport photo, but here are reasons why you should go with an online agent:

  1. You don’t have to leave your house.
  2. We know the passport photo rules of the country you’re applying to.
  3. We validate your photo – we check your passport photo to make sure it is in order.
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Makeup guidelines for Philippine passport photo

When applying for a Philippine passport, it’s essential to understand the guidelines for your passport photo. While your makeup plays a crucial role in enhancing your appearance, it should be done strategically to ensure your photo is accepted. Here’s a guide to help you achieve the perfect balance:

General Principles:

  • Minimalism is the key: Opt for natural, light makeup that enhances your features without being excessive.
  • Even skin tone: Use foundation or concealer to create an even skin tone, but avoid heavy coverage that masks your natural complexion.
  • Defined eyebrows: Lightly fill your eyebrows to frame your face, but avoid dramatic or overly-arched shapes.
  • Natural eye makeup: Use neutral eyeshadow shades and mascara to define your eyes, but avoid heavy eyeliner or dramatic eye makeup.
  • Subtle lip color: Choose a natural color that compliments your skin tone and overall makeup. Avoid bright or dark lip colors that can appear unnatural.
  • Matte finishes: Opt for matte finishes that photograph nicely and avoid distracting reflections.
  • Minimize blemishes: Use concealer to cover minor blemishes or imperfections, but avoid heavy coverage that may appear unnatural.
  • Good lighting: Ensure good lighting to apply your makeup evenly and avoid looking overly dramatic or unnatural.

Things to Avoid:

  • Avoid glittery or shimmery makeup: Glittery products can create unwanted reflections in your photo.
  • Colored contact lenses: Colored contact lenses are not allowed. If you wear them for medical reasons, remove them before your photo session.
  • Hair accessories: Remove hair accessories before your photo is taken.
  • Head coverings: Head coverings must be removed unless worn for religious reasons.

Do’s and Don’ts

DFA’s Passport Photo Do’s and Don’ts: Get Your Photo Right the First Time.3

  1. Pose:

Do: Face the camera directly with a neutral expression. Your eyes should be open and both ears visible.

Don’t: Tilt or rotate your head, cover your eyes or brows with hair, or wear earrings.

  1. Expression:

Do: Maintain a neutral expression with your mouth closed and a subtle “Mona Lisa” smile.

Don’t: Make exaggerated expressions like raised eyebrows, squinting, or frowning.

  1. Eyes:

Do: Remove eyeglasses before the photo. Contact lenses for medical reasons are allowed, but colored lenses are not.

Don’t: Wear sunglasses or have colored contact lenses.

  1. Hair:

Do: Style your hair neatly. Frizzy/afro hairstyles should be arranged to show a full frontal facial image.

Don’t: Use hair accessories or allow hair to cover your face.

  1. Infants:

Do: If your child needs assistance, a parent or guardian can hold them while remaining out of the photo frame. A highchair can be used for younger children.

Don’t: Let hands or arms supporting the child be visible in the photo.

The Best Makeup Tips for a Flawless Passport Photo in the Philippines

Embrace Natural Beauty:

  • Less is more: Opt for a natural makeup look that enhances your features without being excessive. Heavy makeup can appear unnatural and distract from your face.
  • Even skin tone: Use a sheer foundation or tinted moisturizer to create an even skin tone without masking your natural complexion. Concealer can be used to camouflage minor blemishes or imperfections.
  • Defined brows: Lightly fill your eyebrows with a pencil or powder matching your hair color. Avoid dramatic or overly arched shapes.
  • Eyeshadow: Stick to neutral eyeshadow shades like browns, taupes, or pinks. Apply mascara to define your lashes but avoid heavy eyeliner or dramatic eye makeup.
  • Lips: Choose a natural lip color that compliments your skin tone and makeup. Opt for matte or satin finishes over glosses to avoid shine.
  • Minimalistic blush: If you want to add a touch of color to your cheeks, use a light blush. Avoid applying too much, as it can appear unnatural.
  • Matte finishes: Opt for a matte foundation, blush, and lipstick to avoid unwanted reflections in your photo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear makeup in a passport photo?

You can wear makeup in a passport photo, but it should be natural-looking and enhance your features without being excessive. Avoid heavy makeup, glittery or shimmery products, and bright or dark lipstick.

What should a woman wear for a passport photo in the Philippines?

Women should wear collared shirts, blouses, or dresses with a not-too-revealing neckline. Avoid sleeveless tops, plunging necklines, and spaghetti straps.

Are bangs allowed in passports in the Philippines?

Bangs are allowed in passport photos as long as they do not cover your eyes or eyebrows. You may need to style your bangs to the side or clip them back to ensure they are out of your face.

What is the best color to wear for a passport photo?

There is no specific requirement for the color you wear in a passport photo, but it’s generally recommended to wear solid colors that are not too bright or dark. Avoid wearing patterns or stripes, as they can be distracting in the photo.

Can I smile in a passport photo?

You can smile in a passport photo, but it should be a neutral smile that does not show your teeth. You should avoid making any exaggerated expressions or grimaces.

What is the Philippine passport photo dress code?

There is no strict dress code for Philippine passport photos, but it is important to dress professionally and respectfully. Avoid wearing clothing that is revealing, offensive, or suggestive.

What are the Passport photo hair rules in the Philippines?

Your hair should be styled neatly and out of your face. Avoid covering your eyes or eyebrows with your hair. Hair accessories are prohibited, so remove any headbands, clips, or other accessories before taking your photo.

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