Can I wear a wig in my passport photo?

Passport photos are crucial for travel documents, and following specific guidelines is essential to ensure your passport application is valid and accepted. Some people may be unsure if they can wear a wig in their passport photo, especially if it's for religious, medical, or personal reasons. The good news is that generally, wearing a wig in your passport photo is allowed, but there are important rules to follow. Keep reading for more details on wearing wigs in passport photos and find out how you can easily get your passport photo with our passport photo services.

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Wearing a wig in your passport photo or other identification documents is generally permitted, as long as the wig does not obscure your facial features or eyes. There are no explicit legal restrictions against wearing a wig in photos intended for passports or ID cards. However, it’s important to note that hats and head coverings should be removed unless they are part of religious attire, such as a hijab, in which case wearing it during the photo is acceptable.

Government policies differ, so always check the official guidelines for the specific country issuing your passport. However, here are the medical and religious reasons accepted by some governments, along with potential documentation requirements:

Medical Reasons:


  1. Medical Certificate/Letter: A formal letter from a licensed healthcare professional, such as a doctor or dermatologist, explaining the medical condition that necessitates wearing a wig. The letter should be on official letterhead and include the professional’s contact information.
  2. Photographic Evidence: Some authorities may request recent photographs illustrating the individual’s current appearance with the wig due to the medical condition.
  3. Consistency with Appearance: The passport applicant should ensure that the wig presents a consistent and recognizable appearance in line with their daily look.
  4. Personal Statement: A personal statement from the applicant explaining the impact of the medical condition on their appearance and why wearing a wig is necessary.

Religious Reasons:


  1. Religious Statement: A statement from a religious leader or the individual themselves, explaining the religious or cultural significance of wearing a wig. This statement should be on official religious organization letterhead, if applicable.
  2. Photographic Evidence: Similar to medical reasons, providing recent photographs with the wig in adherence to religious practices may be required.
  3. Consistency with Beliefs: The applicant may need to demonstrate that wearing the wig is a consistent practice in their daily life as dictated by their religious beliefs.
  4. Declaration of Sincerity: A declaration of sincerity, affirming that the request is genuine and made in accordance with the individual’s religious or cultural beliefs.

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How to take your passport photo

Here’s how you can take passport photos at home, to ensure that they’ll be high quality:

1.) Stand .5 meters or 2 feet from the wall. This ensures that there’s no shadow on your portrait.

2.) Place the camera 2 meters or 6 feet away from the subject. This will prevent distortion and give you a prettier picture!

3.) Have the camera on the same level as the subject’s face.

4.) Use plenty of lighting. Natural light is preferred but plenty of light in general is the best. Make sure it is even and doesn’t leave a shadow.

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Guidelines for wearing a wig for your passport photo

General guidelines that individuals should follow when wearing a wig for a passport photo, based on government requirements:

  1. Facial Visibility: The wig should not obstruct your facial features, especially the eyes, nose, and mouth. The government typically requires a clear view of your face for proper identification.
  2. Secure Fit: Choose a well-fitted wig that securely stays in place on your head. Avoid excessively bulky or elaborate styles that may compromise the photo’s clarity.
  3. Avoid Head Coverings, Except for Religious Attire: Generally, governments discourage using hats or head covering in passport photo. Exceptions are often made for religious head coverings, such as hijabs, turbans, or yarmulkes, as long as the face remains clearly visible.
  4. Hair Away from the Face: Ensure the wig’s hair does not cover your face, mainly the forehead and eyes. Adjust the wig to frame your face neatly without obstructing any facial features.
  5. Background Compliance: The wig’s size and volume should not overshadow the background and comply with passport guidelines. The hair should lie flat on your head or be close to flat.
  6. Neutral and Timeless Style: Opt for a wig with a neutral and timeless style, especially if the passport photo will be used for an extended period. Drastic changes in hairstyle may lead to complications.
  7. Subtle Accessories: If using accessories like clips or headbands to secure the wig, choose subtle and neutral options. Avoid accessories that are distracting or highly visible in the photo.
  8. Advance Preparation: Style your wig the night before taking the passport photo to ensure a well-groomed appearance. Preparing in advance helps avoid delays and ensures the photo meets government requirements.

Tips for wearing a wig for your passport photo

4 Tips for Wearing a Wig in Your Passport Photo.

  1. Keep it away from your face: Ensure the wig doesn’t obscure your facial features for easy identification.
  2. No head coverings: Avoid wearing hats or scarves over your wig unless for religious reasons.
  3. Simple hairstyling: Opt for a timeless, versatile style that won’t clash with future appearances.
  4. Prepare in advance: Style your wig the night before to avoid delays and ensure a perfect photo.

Best hairstyles for a passport photo

The good news is there are no specific restrictions on hairstyles for passport photos! However, your hair shouldn’t cover your face or blur the background. So, you have plenty of options to choose from.

Here are some considerations for selecting the best hairstyles:

  1. Avoid Obstructing Features: If you have long or thick hair, pulling it back is recommended to prevent it from covering your face, neck, or shoulders. For those with bangs, make sure they don’t hide your eyebrows.
  2. Stay Within Photo Edges: Thick or long hair may extend beyond the photo edges, blurring the background and violating guidelines. Keep it held back to stay within the frame.
  3. Subtle Accessories: When pulling your hair back, using less noticeable accessories.
  4. Elegant and Subtle Styles: Since passport photos last for a decade, opt a hairstyle that enhances your features without being too flashy.
  5. Keep it Neat: A neat appearance is essential for a good passport photo. Avoid frizzy or unkempt hair, as it may lead to rejection.

Choosing a suitable hairstyle for your passport photo is easy considering these points.

Passport photo hair rules

Passport Photo Hair Rules:

  1. Visibility: Your hair should be visible, so avoid wearing hats, scarves, or headwear that covers your hair. Exceptions are made for religious reasons, like Muslim women, who can provide written statements about their beliefs. However, even in such cases, they must ensure their faces are visible by removing burqas and veils during the photo.
  2. Obstruction: Passport officials won’t accept photos where hair falls onto your face, no matter how stylish it may be. Your face must be clear of hair and any other objects that might blur your facial features.
  3. Accessories: Adding accessories to your hair is okay but shouldn’t be visible in the photo. If tying your hair back helps achieve a clear picture, it’s allowed.
  4. Size: While having voluminous hair is a great look, it might not meet passport photo requirements. Your hair should lie flat on your head or be close to flat, ensuring it doesn’t hide the background.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you show your hair in a passport photo?

Yes, you can show your hair in a passport photo.

Can you tie your hair in a passport photo?

Tying your hair back into a ponytail, bun, or braid is a great way to ensure that your full face is visible and your hair doesn’t obscure any of your facial features.

Why do passport photos get rejected?

Passport photos can get rejected for various reasons, ranging from technical issues to failure to meet specific requirements. 

Can your hair cover your eyebrows in a passport photo?

No, your hair should not cover your eyebrows in a passport photo. 

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