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The Visas for Future Annual Scholarship program promotes environmental sustainability and education. We assist students globally in their academic pursuits while supporting future environmentalists.

About Visas for Future: Promoting Education and Preserving the Environment

Visas for Future is a travel agency enabling travelers to be climate-active with every trip. For every travel document sold, we plant a tree. We’re a social enterprise that strives to ensure that all stakeholders of our enterprise are taken care of, including the environment.

Why We Started the Scholarship: A Triple-Impact

1. Empowering Education:  We work to enable students to pursue their academic goals because we firmly believe in the transformational power of education.

2. Environmental Stewardship: We are dedicated to preserving the environment and education because we understand their interdependence. Students are encouraged to consider their part in building a sustainable future using this scholarship.

3. Global Community Engagement: In keeping with our mission to promote international travel, we aim to cultivate a sense of global community and cross-cultural understanding by offering support to students around the world.

How to Apply for  Visas for Future Annual Scholarship

To apply for the Visas for Future Annual Scholarship, follow these steps:

  1. Submit a copy of your unofficial transcript, including your GPA.
  2. Craft a 500-word Application Story and save it in PDF format.
  3. Email your Application Story to scholarship@visasforfuture.com with the title of the email being “Visas for Future Annual Scholarship Application”.

Academic Requirements

We’ve streamlined the requirements to just two academic requirements to be eligible for this amazing scholarship!

  1. Have a GPA of 2.5 or the equivalent in your country’s grading system.
  2. Be a current student at the time of application and when the scholarship is awarded.

Application Story Content: Sharing Your Vision and Story

In your 500-word Application Story, provide:

  1. Personal information about you.
  2. Your response: “If we support your education, how would you support the environment in the future?”
  3. Why your response is good, valid, and practical.

Writing Standards: Developing an Engaging Story

Make sure the following guidelines are followed in your application story:

  1. Coherent and well-revised writing.
  2. No grammar or spelling mistakes.
  3. Maintain a well-organized and consistent narrative.

Scholarship Deadline

The scholarship deadline is 1 August. The recipient of the scholarship, chosen based on their enthusiasm and dedication, will be contacted via the email address and phone number supplied to begin the educational support made possible by the grant.


1. Who is eligible for the scholarship?

   – People of all nationalities are eligible to apply for the scholarship.

2. Can graduate and post-graduate students apply?

   – Indeed, applications are welcome from graduate and post-graduate students alike.

3. What if my school uses a grading system different from the US GPA?

   – No worries! Applying is still open. For guidance, simply consult our equivalency table.

4. Is there a currency conversion fee for non-US residents receiving the scholarship?

   – Yes, depending on the currencies being converted, there may be a fee of 2-3%. This deduction will be handled by your bank.

5. *Is it possible to apply for the scholarship after 1 August of this year?

   – Yes, you can still apply, but your application will be for the following year’s scholarship.


Martha F. – South Dakota State University – 2023 – “From Mexico to everywhere”

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