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Hazama.nu is a website that started in 2002, created by a writer who wanted to have a platform to express his thoughts and opinions. The site had a range of categories covering a variety of topics such as cars, books, programming, games, and more. The site was powered by Movable Type – a powerful content management system and static publishing platform that makes site management easy.

The Beginning of Hazama.nu

The writer of Hazama.nu started the site as a personal blog, to document his stream of consciousness. He would write about anything that came to mind, whether it was a book he read, a movie he watched, or a thought he had while taking a walk. All in all, Hazama.nu quickly became a much-loved space where these snippets of life could be shared and appreciated.

The site quickly gained a following – with readers drawn to the writer’s unique style and candid opinions. While the writer did not shy away from expressing his prejudices, he was always willing to converse with his readers, responding to comments and emails.

The site’s content was divided into numerous categories; including cars, books, CGI, flash, fortune telling, gadgets, games, hardware, internet, Mac, family, friends, news, photos, programming, shopping, software, sport, TV, tobacco, tips, vocabulary, blog, diet, and other. This broad range of topics made Hazama.nu an interesting read for a wide range of people.

Taitetsu’s Monologues

Hazama.nu was essentially a collection of monologues from Taitetsu. He wrote about his personal life, his thoughts on various subjects, and his opinions on current events. One of the unique things about Taitetsu’s writing style was his willingness to share his prejudices and judgments openly.

Taitetsu was a father of three, and he occasionally wrote about his family and personal life on his blog. His posts about his family were often lighthearted and humorous, showing a different side of him than his more serious posts on programming and current events.

Hazama.nu was not a site that was constantly updated; in fact, long periods of time often passed without any new content being added. However, Taitetsu’s commitment to only writing when he had something meaningful to say made his words truly special. This authenticity was one of its greatest sources of appeal.

Programming Content

While the site covered a wide range of topics, it was clear that the writer had a particular interest in programming. The site had a lot of content related to programming, with tutorials, code snippets, and discussions about programming languages and tools; including Moveable Type, MT4i, and SixApart.

The writer’s interest in programming was not surprising, given his background. He was likely a programmer himself, as he often wrote about his experiences working on programming projects and the challenges he faced.

End of Hazama.nu

Sadly, Hazama.nu came to an end in 2019. The writer had not updated the site for several years, and the domain had expired. The site was no longer accessible, and the writer seemed to have moved on to other things.

Whatever the reason, Hazama.nu remains a fascinating artifact of the early days of blogging, a time when anyone with an internet connection could create a website and share their thoughts with the world.

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