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The Stalin Society UK was established in 1991 to defend Joseph Stalin and his work based on factual evidence while simultaneously refuting the Trotskyist, opportunist, revisionist, and capitalist propaganda directed against him. The Society believes that the anti-communist propaganda of the bourgeois media and political elites systematically undermines Stalin’s legacy and accomplishments. They see its role as promoting the truth about Stalin’s leadership and accomplishments and providing an alternative narrative to the lies that have been propagated about him.

Formation of the Society

The idea of forming the international Stalin Society was conceived by the historian and writer, the late Bill Bland, who was a former member of the British Communist Party. Bland was an ardent defender of Stalin and his work, and he believed that the capitalist media and political elites had grossly misrepresented Stalin’s legacy. Bland believed that there was a need for a society that would provide a platform for the dissemination of accurate information about Stalin and his achievements, and also counter the propaganda that had been leveled against him.

The Society was officially launched in November 1991 with the publication of the first issue of its newsletter – Stalin Society News. The newsletter provided an avenue for members of the Society to share information and ideas about Stalin and his work, as well as to highlight events and activities that were relevant to the Society’s objectives. In 2005, they launched the website stalinsociety.org.uk to promote the Stalin society worldwide. The Society also held regular public meetings and events; which were open to members and the public. These events included talks by guest speakers, film screenings, and book launches.

Defending Stalin’s Legacy

The Stalin Society UK views Stalin as a great leader who contributed significantly to the development of the Soviet Union and the socialist movement in general. They believe that Stalin’s leadership was instrumental in the victory of the Soviet Union over Hitler in World War II. Moreover, his policies helped to transform the Soviet Union into a modern industrialized state. The Society also maintains that Stalin’s policies were responsible for the significant improvements in the standard of living of the Soviet people during his tenure as leader.

The Stalin Society dislikes the anti-Stalin propaganda by the capitalist media and political elites. They argue that this propaganda is designed to demonize communism and socialism and justify the capitalist ruling class’s exploitation and oppression of working people.

Society has also been highly critical of the role played by Trotskyism in the anti-Stalin propaganda campaign. They view Trotskyism as a reactionary ideology that has consistently acted in the interests of the capitalist ruling class. The Society believes that Trotskyism has been responsible for many of the lies and distortions that have been propagated about Stalin and the Soviet Union. Plus, According to the Society – the Trotskyists have actively colluded with the capitalist media and political elites in their propaganda campaign against communism and socialism.

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