When to fill out the Aruba ed card?

The Aruba ED Card should be completed before your arrival in Aruba. You can fill out the Aruba ED-Card as early as 7 days before your trip. The online submission enables travelers to provide essential information about their journey, such as personal details, flight information, and accommodation details. Continue reading for more insights into Aruba ED cards.

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To enter Aruba, all foreign travelers, including infants and children, are required to complete the ED card, also known as the embarkation-disembarkation card.1 This mandatory travel document must be filled out and submitted as early as seven (7) days before your planned visit to Aruba. Failing to complete the card before your journey could result in delays at the airport. It is crucial to follow the recommended timeline to ensure a smooth and timely entry process.

When to fill it out:

  • Ideally: 24 to 72 hours before your departure. This ensures timely processing and approval, avoiding potential delays at arrival.
  • Latest: Within seven (7) days of your arrival. This is still acceptable, but gives less buffer time for processing should any issues arise.
  • You can start the application anytime before your trip, but the official request to the Aruban government will only be sent seven (7) days before your departure date.

Special Conditions for Entry

When you arrive in Aruba, the authorities may check you for COVID-19 through screening and testing. They might also interview you to make sure you follow the immigration laws and health rules before deciding if you are allowed to enter Aruba.

You can fill out the form online through Visas for Future and start your application for the Aruba ED card by clicking the button below.

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If you are planning to travel to Aruba and stay for more than 24 hours, it is mandatory to complete the Aruba ED-Card. This applies to all travelers even children and babies, including residents of Aruba and those from visa-required countries.2 We are offering Aruba ED card processing service for $33 which will give you your Aruba ED card in 24 hours.

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Timing and deadline for completing the Aruba ED card

It is advisable to initiate the application and complete the ED card online well in advance of your planned arrival in Aruba to avoid delays. Ideally, travelers should submit the online ED card within 24 to 72 hours before their departure. This time frame ensures timely processing and approval.

What are the consequences of not filling it out before departure?

  1. Denied boarding

Airlines may refuse to allow you to board your flight if you haven’t completed the ED card.

  1. Delays at Entry

You can experience delays at the point of entry as immigration and customs authorities may need to process your information manually.

  1. Possible Penalties or Fines

Aruba’s immigration policies may impose penalties or fines for non-compliance with the requirement to fill out the ED card before arrival.

  1. Messed Up Travel Plans

The failure to complete the ED card can mess up your travel plans, causing inconvenience and potential changes to your itinerary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to fill out an ED card before leaving Aruba?

Yes, when departing Aruba, present your original ED card (the one you used to enter) to immigration.

Do I need to print my ED card for Aruba?

While printing your Aruba ED card isn’t mandatory, it’s highly recommended to print your ED card.

What documents do I need to travel to Aruba?

Valid passport (with visa if required).1
-Completed ED Card online.
-Valid return/onward ticket.
-Required documents for return or entry to another country.
-Proof of accommodation reservation or ownership in Aruba.
-Proof of adequate financial means or a declaration of guarantee.

What is an ED card for?

An Embarkation and Disembarkation (ED) card is a travel document used to collect essential information from travelers entering and leaving a specific country.1

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