Vietnam Visa Application Mistakes

It's common for people to make mistakes when applying for a visa. These mistakes may include entering passport information that doesn't match, inputting the wrong date, using an outdated passport photo, or failing to meet the visa requirements, such as entering through the wrong port of entry. To avoid these mistakes and ensure a smooth visa application process, consider using a reliable visa service like Visas for Future. With our expert guidance and attention to detail, we'll ensure your application is complete, accurate, and ready for submission so that you can obtain your Vietnam eVisa in just five days.

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Some common Vietnam visa application mistakes are:

  • Wrong visa type. Choose the right visa for your travel purpose and length.
  • Wrong information. Provide accurate and correct information, such as name, date of birth, passport number, and purpose of travel.
  • Missing documents. Check the list of required documents carefully, such as passport, photo, and visa application form.
  • Unpaid fee. Pay the visa application fee in full before submitting your application.
  • Late application. Apply for your visa before your travel, so you have enough time to get approved.

When applying for a Vietnam visa, it’s important to avoid mistakes that could cause delays or even lead to your application being denied, that’s why Visas for Future is here to help. With our expert guidance, you can obtain your Vietnam eVisa in five days without hassle or stress. Trust us to handle your visa application carefully so you can focus on planning your trip and enjoying all that Vietnam offers.

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What are the most common errors made in Vietnam visa applications and how can they be prevented?

Avoiding errors in your Vietnam visa application is crucial for a smooth travel experience. Here are some of the most common mistakes applicants make and tips to prevent them:

Incorrect information:

  • Unmatching passport details: This is the absolute no-go. Double-check every field you fill, especially your full name, passport number, date of birth, and expiration date. Make sure it matches your passport exactly, including middle names and order of names.
  • Wrong date format: Many forms use dd/mm/yyyy, but some applicants might accidentally switch it to mm/dd/yyyy due to habit. Pay attention to the format specified.
  • Entry port inflexibility: If applying for a visa on arrival, remember it’s valid at all international airports in Vietnam. Don’t be locked into one specific entry point.
  • Arrival date misunderstanding: The visa’s validity period starts from the chosen arrival date in your application, not the actual date you enter Vietnam. Choose your travel dates realistically.

Missing documentation:

  • Pre-approval letter oversight: Don’t confuse visa on arrival with visa arrival at the airport. For on-arrival, a pre-approval letter is essential to avoid delays or denial at the airport.
  • Incomplete documents: Ensure you have all the required documents listed on the official websites or by the visa agency. Missing documents can significantly delay your application processing.

Other common mistakes:

  • Typographical errors: Proofread your application thoroughly. Even a simple typo can lead to rejection.
  • Ignoring email confirmations: Keep an eye on your email, as confirmation messages might require further action or additional information.
  • Overstaying visa validity: Check the visa’s validity period and plan your trip accordingly. Overstaying can result in hefty fines or even a travel ban.

Tips to Avoid Vietnam Visa Mistakes

Here are some tips to avoid Vietnam visa mistakes:

Pre-Flight Planning

  • Choose the Right Visa: Different visas are available for different purposes and durations. You should research online or consult experts to find out which visa suits your needs and avoid any rejections.
  • Fill Out the Form Carefully: Make sure every detail on your application form is correct and matches your passport information. Any mistakes, such as spelling errors, wrong dates, or typos, can cause problems. Review your form thoroughly before submitting it.
  • Check Your Passport: Your passport is your most important document. Ensure it is valid for at least six months after your planned departure date from Vietnam.
  • Show Your Financial Ability: You may need to prove that you have enough money to support yourself during your stay in Vietnam. You can prepare bank statements, credit cards, or proof of travel bookings to show your financial capacity.
  • Prepare for Onward Travel: You may need to show a return flight ticket or proof of onward travel to another country. This can reduce the risk of overstaying your visa. You can consider booking a refundable ticket for more flexibility.

During the Visa Application

  • Take a Good Photo: Your photo should meet the specific requirements for your visa type, such as size, background color, and facial expression. A small difference can lead to rejection, so take a new photo if needed.
  • Get a Pre-Approval Letter (Visa on Arrival): This letter is essential for getting a visa on arrival at the Vietnam airport. You should get it in advance to avoid any delays or troubles at the airport.
  • Collect All Documents: You should gather all the required documents for your visa type, such as photos, proof of funds, and return flight tickets. Missing any documents can slow down your process.
  • Pay the Fees: You should know the processing fees and any additional requirements for your visa type. You should research them beforehand to avoid any surprises at the airport.

When You Arrive

  • Pick the Right Airport: You should choose the airport that matches your visa type when applying for a visa on arrival. You should also confirm when you arrive to avoid looking for other entry points.
  • Apply Early: Don’t leave it until the last minute! Visa processing times can vary, so you should apply well before your trip to avoid a stressful rush.
  • Get Travel Insurance: Travel insurance can give you peace of mind. To be safe, you should choose a plan covering medical emergencies, trip cancellations, and lost luggage.
  • Check Your Health: You may need to show that you have received certain vaccinations or have a health certificate for your nationality or travel purposes. You should check the requirements and stay informed to prevent any roadblocks.

What if the eVisa information is incorrect?

Don’t let incorrect information on your Vietnam eVisa ruin your travel plans. Learn how to handle this situation!

1. Assess the Error

  • Double-check: First, carefully compare the information on your eVisa to your passport and application details. Make sure everything is accurate, including:
    • Full name (including middle name, if applicable)
    • Date of birth
    • Passport number
    • Nationality
    • Validity dates of the eVisa
    • Port of entry (where you will arrive in Vietnam)
  • Impact assessment: Is the error minor enough that it might be overlooked at immigration (e.g., a misspelled middle name)? Or is it potentially a rejection risk (e.g., wrong passport number)?

2. Take Action

  • Contact the issuing authority: This is your first step. Reach out to the Vietnamese eVisa issuing authority you used, explain the error, and inquire about correction options. Be prepared to provide supporting documents like your passport and application confirmation.
  • Consider reapplying: Relying with the correct information might be necessary depending on the error and the authority’s response. This might involve additional processing fees and waiting times, so factor that into your plans.
  • Seek expert advice: Consulting a visa agent or travel expert familiar with Vietnam visa procedures can provide valuable guidance and support, especially for complex cases.

3. Prepare for arrival

  • Gather supporting documents: Bring copies of your eVisa with the incorrect information, your passport, application confirmation, and any communication with the issuing authority regarding the error.
  • Be apologetic and explain: Approach immigration officials politely and explain the error calmly. Having supporting documentation readily available strengthens your case.
  • Consider backup plans: Be prepared for denial, even if unlikely. Have alternative entry options like a visa on arrival (if eligible) or contact your embassy/consulate for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I edit my Vietnam visa application?

Unfortunately, editing your Vietnam visa application online once it’s been submitted is generally impossible. The specific process may vary depending on the platform you used and the type of visa you applied for, but most systems prioritize security and ensure data integrity by locking applications after submission.

What if my name is incorrect on my Vietnam visa?

Your name on your Vietnam visa must match the information on your passport exactly, as the visa cannot be amended once issued. You need to apply for a new visa if there is a mistake.

Can the Vietnam eVisa be rejected?

Yes, Vietnam eVisas can be rejected for various reasons. While they offer a convenient online application process, they are not guaranteed approval.

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