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It is essential to note that once an E-Visa for Vietnam is issued, it is final and cannot be modified, including the arrival date. Hence, you can cancel it and apply a new one. For a reliable and trusted Vietnam E-Visa application, apply here at Visas for Future. We guarantee a smooth and hassle-free visa application for your travel to Vietnam!

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Unfortunately, changing the dates on an already issued Vietnam E-Visa is not possible. Once your visa is approved and issued, the information within it, including your arrival date, cannot be modified.

  • If the change in your arrival date is significant, you will need to submit a new E-Visa application with the updated details.
  • Please keep in mind that you will have to pay the processing fee again, and the previous application fee is non-refundable.
  • The standard processing time for E-Visas is three (3) working days, but it can sometimes take longer.
  • You can still enter Vietnam on or after the specified arrival date, but not before.

Additionally, once the letter of approval is issued, it cannot be changed, amended, or canceled. Hence, it is crucial to double-check all the information to ensure its accuracy with the applicant’s original passport. If any corrections are required, applicants must notify and email the system within 20 to 30 minutes after submission at the latest. Failure to do so will require the applicants to re-apply for a new letter of approval to make any changes.

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  • 90 days duration.2
  • $90.14 for multiple-entry.
  • $84.14 fee for single-entry.

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What are the Alternatives and Ways to Change the Dates in Your Vietnam E-Visa?

Unfortunately, there is no way to directly change the dates on an already-issued Vietnam e-visa. Unlike some visa types, Vietnam e-visas are currently not amendable. Any errors, including entry and exit dates, cannot be corrected once the visa is issued.

However, depending on your situation, there might be alternative options to consider:

1. Apply for a new e-visa

  • This is the most straightforward option. You must submit a new application with the correct dates, paying the associated fee again. The processing time for a new e-visa is typically three business days.
  •  Consideration: This adds to the cost and processing time of your trip.

2. Visa run

  • If your desired stay falls within the validity period of your e-visa (30 days single entry), you could leave Vietnam for a short period and re-enter with a new e-visa for your updated travel dates. This is known as a “visa run.”
  • Considerations: This involves additional travel and logistics, potentially costing more than a new e-visa. Ensure visa-free access to neighboring countries and consider potential delays at borders.

3. Contact the Vietnamese Embassy/Consulate

  • In rare cases, if there were extenuating circumstances for needing to change your dates (e.g., medical emergency), you could contact your country’s Vietnamese Embassy/Consulate. Explain your situation and see if they offer any exceptions or alternative solutions.
  •  Considerations: This option is unlikely for simple date changes, and success depends on individual circumstances.

Causes and Factors of Changing Dates in the Vietnam E-Visa

Several reasons and factors can trigger the need to change your arrival date on a Vietnam E-Visa. Here are some of the most common:

  • Flight changes: Delays, cancellations, or rescheduling of flights due to weather, technical issues, or other unforeseen circumstances might require you to shift your arrival date.
  •  Accommodation issues: Booking errors, unexpected changes in your preferred accommodation availability, or unforeseen delays in room readiness can force you to adjust your arrival date.
  •  Personal reasons: Sudden illness, family emergencies, or other unforeseen personal circumstances might compel you to postpone or shorten your trip, requiring changes to your E-Visa arrival date.
  •  Mistyping arrival date: Accidental typos or incorrect date selection during the initial E-Visa application can lead to the need for a change.
  •  Miscalculation of travel days: Underestimating or overestimating your travel duration can necessitate adjusting your arrival date to fit within the 30-day validity period of the E-Visa.
  •  Booking mistake: Booking flights or accommodation for dates different from those initially planned can require aligning your E-Visa arrival date with your travel itinerary. Changes in Itinerary:
  •  Extending your stay: Extending your trip in Vietnam beyond the initially anticipated duration will require a new E-Visa with a later arrival date.
  •  Shortening your stay: Unexpected changes in plans might lead to an earlier departure than initially planned, necessitating modifying your E-Visa arrival date accordingly.
  •  Spontaneous travel adjustments: Discovering new travel opportunities or unplanned detours while en route to Vietnam might lead to revising your arrival date in the country.

Tips to avoid changing dates in your Vietnam E-Visa

If you’re planning to apply for an E-Visa and want to avoid any date changes, then here are some descriptive tips to help you with the process:

  • Planning your trip:
    • Plan your trip well in advance: Before applying for an E-Visa, it’s important to plan your trip in advance. This will allow you to book your flights, accommodation, and activities ahead of time, making it easier to finalize your travel dates and reducing the likelihood of needing any major adjustments later on.
    • Be flexible with your plans: Try to leave some room for minor adjustments in your itinerary to avoid needing drastic changes to your E-Visa arrival date, if possible. Being flexible can help you avoid any inconvenience later on. D
  • Double-checking your dates:
    • Double-check your dates: Before submitting your E-Visa application, it’s crucial to meticulously review and confirm your intended arrival date, ensuring it aligns with your flight and accommodation bookings.
    • Any mistake in your arrival date can cause problems later on, so it’s best to double-check everything before submitting your application.
  • Factor in buffer days:
    • It’s always a good idea to consider potential travel delays or unforeseen circumstances by booking flights with some buffer time before your E-Visa validity period starts.
    • This will allow you to make any necessary adjustments without incurring additional charges.
  • Filling out the E-Visa application:
    • Fill out the E-Visa application carefully: Take your time and accuracy seriously when entering your travel details, especially the arrival date. Fill out the application carefully, ensuring all the details are accurate and complete.
    • Proofread before submitting: Re-read your application thoroughly before finalizing it. Typographical errors in the arrival date can invalidate your E-Visa and necessitate a new application.
  • Saving confirmation documents:
    • Save confirmation documents: Keep a copy of your E-Visa confirmation email and other travel documents readily accessible to prevent confusion or lost information.
    • This can be helpful in case of any unforeseen circumstances, or if your E-Visa needs to be verified.

Additionally here’s what to keep in mind:

  • Before Applying:
    • Plan in Advance: Book flights, accommodation, and activities before applying for your e-visa. Solidify your travel dates as much as possible before committing to specific dates on the application.
    • Double-Check Everything: Meticulously review your intended arrival and departure dates, ensuring they align with your bookings and travel plans. Proofread everything multiple times before submitting.
    • Buffer Days: Consider adding 2-3 additional days to your desired stay when choosing the e-visa validity period. This accounts for potential travel delays or unexpected changes in your itinerary.
    • Be Flexible: If possible, build some flexibility into your plans to accommodate minor adjustments without needing a complete date change on the e-visa.
    • Research: Stay updated on any potential changes in Vietnam’s visa policies or entry requirements that might affect your travel dates.

  • During Application:
    • Use a Reliable Source: Apply for your e-visa through Visas for Future to minimize the risk of errors or delays.
    • Enter Information Carefully: Pay close attention to detail when entering your travel dates, passport information, and other vital details. Double-check everything before submitting.
    • Proofread Again: Have someone else review your application details for accuracy before final submission.

  • After Application
    • Track Your Application: Monitor the status of your e-visa application and communicate promptly with the authorities if any discrepancies arise.
    • Confirm Flights: Once your e-visa is issued, confirm your flights and accommodation to ensure they align with the approved dates.
    • Be Prepared: While date changes are not possible, have a contingency plan in case unforeseen circumstances require travel adjustments.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I amend my Vietnam E-Visa?

If you need to change your Vietnam E-Visa arrival date, you can either cancel and apply for a new E-Visa, check if your revised arrival date falls within your existing E-Visa validity, or explore alternative travel options.

What if the E-Visa information is wrong for Vietnam?

If you have incorrect information on your Vietnam E-Visa, contact the Vietnam Immigration Department to clarify the situation and consider alternative options like VOA or rescheduling your trip.

Can I change my Vietnam visa?

The possibility of changing your Vietnam visa depends on your visa type and the nature of the change you want to make; for tourist E-Visas, you cannot modify your arrival date, but you can cancel and apply for a new E-Visa, while other visa types may allow for extensions, conversion, or cancellation.

Can my Vietnam E-Visa be rejected?

Your Vietnam E-Visa application can be rejected due to various reasons including incorrect or incomplete information, ineligibility, security concerns, technical issues, and unexpected visa policy changes.


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