Minimum Bank Balance Required for Turkey Visa Application

Your account must have a minimum balance of 50 Euros per day of travel for each adult in Turkey. So, for a 10-day trip, you will need at least 500 Euros. It is expected that applicants have roughly €50 per day, which can be verified through bank statements spanning the past three months.

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When applying for a visa to Turkey, one of the requirements that The Turkish authorities require is that you have sufficient assistance for your journey. Regarding a minimum bank balance, the general guideline is that you have around €50 for each day you plan to spend in Turkey. This amount is not fixed and can vary depending on factors such as whether your accommodation or meals are covered by a host in Turkey, which would reduce the daily amount needed.

You must prove you have these funds through your bank statements for the last three months. If you have other sources of income, such as salary slips, rent income, or your spouse’s income, you can also submit proof of these. Alternatively, you can submit a letter of support from another person who guarantees to cover your expenses, along with proof of their financial capability, like their bank statements.

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What is the Bank Statement Requirement for a Turkey Visa?

To apply for a Turkish visa, you must submit a bank statement that meets specific requirements.


  • To support your visa application, you need to provide evidence that covers the last three months before the submission date.


  • Your regular income and financial transactions should be visible on the document.
  • Please make sure your account balance is displayed and there are no spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors in the document.
  • If the original language is not English or Turkish, it needs to be translated into one of these languages.

Minimum Balance:

  • Your account must have at least 50 Euros for each adult per day of travel in Turkey.
  • If you plan to travel for 10 days, your account balance should be at least 500 Euros.

How can the Turkish embassy detect fake bank statements?

The Turkish Embassy uses various methods to identify fraudulent bank statements submitted for visa applications.

1. Verification with Banks:

  • Direct Contact: The embassy may contact the issuing bank to verify the statement’s authenticity, including account details, holder information, and transaction history.
  • Online Verification Systems: Many banks provide online verification systems allowing the embassy to enter bank statement details for real-time confirmation of validity.

2. Document Analysis:

  • Visual Inspection: Trained embassy officials can inspect the bank statement for inconsistencies and anomalies. This may include checking for mismatched fonts, irregular spacing, poor image quality, and other signs of tampering.
  • Security Features: Bank statements often have security features like watermarks, invisible ink, and holographic seals, which can be detected and authenticated by specialized equipment used by the embassy.

3. Cross-referencing:

  • Other Supporting Documents: The embassy may cross-check the bank statement with other supporting documents, such as employment contracts, tax returns, and salary slips, submitted with the visa application.
  • Financial History: The embassy may access financial history, visa applications, and travel records to identify patterns and inconsistencies.

4. Specialized software:

  • Forensic Tools: In some cases, embassies may use specialized software to analyze bank statements for evidence of manipulation or alteration. These tools can detect changes in fonts, alterations in amounts, and other subtle discrepancies.

5. Interviews:

  • Verification Interview: The embassy may request an interview with the applicant to verify financial information in the bank statement, including questions about income sources and employment status.

Properties Belonging to the Applicant That Need to be Shown in The Visa Application Center 

The required documents for a visa application vary based on the country and type of visa, but commonly requested documents include:

  • Deeds of real estate: This document serves as proof of ownership of a piece of land or property.
  • Licenses: One may require a license for their business, profession, or driving.
  • Vehicle registration: This document serves as proof of ownership of a vehicle.
  • Tax returns: This document shows your income and financial standing.
  • Bank statements: This document shows your account balance and financial transactions.
  • Employment contracts: This document shows your employment status and income.
  • Salary slips: This document shows your regular income.
  • Proof of investments: This document shows your financial assets.

Frequently Ask Questions

Is it hard to get a Turkey visa?

Obtaining a Turkey visa is not considered overly difficult. At Visas for Future, the process is relatively straightforward and can be completed online. However, it is important to ensure you meet all the requirements and submit a complete application to avoid any delays or denials.

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