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A Saudi Arabia visa sticker is a physical document that is placed in your passport when you enter Saudi Arabia. It shows the purpose of your visit, the length of your stay, and the date you are allowed to enter the country. This article provides a Saudi Arabia Visa sticker sample that can be used as your reference. We aim to give you more understanding of its purpose and how you can use it. We will guide you on how can you get your Saudi Arabia visa sticker. Visas for Future also offers Saudi Arabia tourist eVisa processing services. To start your application, click the button below.

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The Saudi Arabia visa stamp is typically placed on the first page of your passport, though it may also be situated on a specific visa page. Ensuring the quality of your visa stamp is crucial, as immigration authorities will inspect it both upon your arrival in and departure from Saudi Arabia.

The visa sticker is typically a rectangular sticker with the Saudi Arabian flag in the top left corner. The text on the sticker is in Arabic and English, and it includes the following information:

  • Your full name.
  • Your passport identification number.
  • The purpose of your visit.
  • The duration of your stay.
  • The date on which you are permitted to enter Saudi Arabia.
  • The unique visa number.

The visa sticker is replaced by a printable QR code, which is used to validate the authenticity of the eVisa and contains the foreign national’s information. The procedure is aimed at improving the visa-granting mechanism, including for visit, work, and residence visas. This procedure, which was initially announced for seven countries:

  • Bangladesh
  • Egypt
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Jordan
  • Philippines
  • United Arab Emirates

The authorities now have included 12 more countries to the list:

  • Kenya
  • Lebanon
  • Morocco
  • Nepal
  • Pakistan
  • Sri Lanka
  • Sudan
  • Thailand
  • Turkey
  • Uganda
  • Vietnam
  • Yemen

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  • 90 days duration.1
  • Multiple-entry.1
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Sample of Saudi Arabia Visa Sticker

Explore the authentic visual representation of the Saudi Arabia visa sticker by referring to the sample we’ve thoughtfully provided for you.

Purpose of Saudi Arabia Visa Sticker

The Saudi Arabia visa sticker serves as a pivotal element in facilitating smooth entry and stay for travelers visiting the country. This essential documentation is affixed to passports and provides a visual indication of the traveler’s authorized visit. The primary purposes of the Saudi Arabia visa sticker include:

Authorization Confirmation: The visa sticker validates that the traveler has obtained official approval from Saudi Arabian authorities to enter the country for specific purposes, such as tourism, business, or employment.

Passport Identification: Positioned prominently on the passport, the visa sticker serves as a clear identification marker, highlighting the bearer’s eligibility to enter and stay in Saudi Arabia for the approved duration.

Legal Compliance: The visa sticker embodies adherence to Saudi Arabia’s immigration regulations and laws. It signifies that the traveler has undergone the necessary screening and met the criteria set forth by the Saudi government for entry.

Entry and Exit Monitoring: Immigration authorities rely on the visa sticker to track the movements of travelers. It aids in efficient border control by ensuring that individuals enter and exit the country in accordance with their visa terms.

Visa Category Specification: The sticker often includes details about the type of visa granted, such as a tourist visa, business visa, or work visa. This information helps both the traveler and immigration officers understand the purpose and limitations of the visit.

Security Features: Advanced security features are often incorporated into the visa sticker to deter forgery and enhance overall document integrity. These features contribute to the prevention of unauthorized access and protect against fraudulent activities.

How to get a Saudi Arabia Visa Sticker?

Electronic visas have been replacing stickers for citizens of some countries. If you are eligible, you won’t receive a physical sticker but still need to print a copy of your eVisa for boarding. Here is the Step-by-step guide to get Saudi Arabia tourist eVisa.

  • Visit Visas for Future, choose Saudi Arabia Tourist Evisa and click ”Get Saudi Arabia Evisa Now
  • Fill out the order form.
  • Make payment via credit card or debit card.
  • Fill out the intake form correctly and completely.
  • Review your information and submit it.
  • Wait your Saudi Arabia tourist eVisa in your inbox within three days.
  • Print your eVisa and present it at the boarding gate.

How to use the Saudi Arabia Visa Sticker?

A physical visa sticker in your passport or an electronic visa (eVisa). I’ll explain how to use both:

Physical Visa Sticker:

  • Keep it safe: Once your passport has the Saudi Arabia visa sticker, handle it carefully and avoid any damage. Avoid bending, folding, or exposing it to water or extreme temperatures.
  • Show it upon arrival: When you arrive at the Saudi Arabian airport, present your passport to the immigration officer along with any other requested documents. The officer will verify your visa and entry requirements.
  • Entry validity: Pay attention to the visa’s validity period. You can’t overstay your visa, so plan your departure within the allowed timeframe.
  • Multiple entries: Some visas allow multiple entries within a specific period. Make sure you understand the terms of your visa and follow them accordingly.

Electronic Visa (eVisa):

  • Print a copy: Since May 2023, some nationalities receive e-visas instead of stickers. Download and print a copy of your e-visa after approval.
  • Show it upon arrival: Present the printed copy of your e-visa along with your passport to the immigration officer at the Saudi Arabian airport.
  • Mobile access (optional): You can also save your e-visa electronically on your phone. While not a mandatory requirement, having it readily accessible simplifies the process.
  • Entry validity and terms: As with physical visas, remember the e-visa’s validity period and adhere to the entry/exit conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Saudi visa stamp on the passport?

Yes, a Saudi visa is typically stamped on your passport. In fact, submitting your original passport is a mandatory requirement for applying for a Saudi visa, as the visa itself is physically stamped onto one of the pages. This serves as official proof that you have been granted permission to enter and stay in Saudi Arabia for the specified period and purpose.

Does Saudi eVisa need to be printed?

Yes, even though it’s called an eVisa, it’s highly recommended to print a copy of your approved Saudi e-Visa, though it’s not technically mandatory.

Where Saudi visa is stamped?

This is the traditional way, where the visa is directly stamped on a dedicated page in your passport. It acts as a physical sticker serving as your official authorization to enter and stay in the country for the permitted duration.

What happens after Saudi visa stamping?

Once you receive your Saudi visa stamp (or e-Visa confirmation), the next steps depend on your purpose of travel:

For tourism:
Finalize travel arrangements: Book your flights, accommodation, and any travel insurance needed. Research potential activities and locations based on your interests.
Prepare necessary documents: Pack your passport with the visa, travel insurance documents, any pre-arranged tour confirmations, and essential medication if needed.

  1. Saudi eVisa | The Official website for Tourist Visa to Saudi Arabia. (2023). Visa.visitsaudi.com; Ministry of Tourism of Saudi Arabia . https://visa.visitsaudi.com/ [] []

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