Kenya eVisa Errors & Payment Problems

If you are experiencing errors or issues with your Kenya eVisa application, addressing them as soon as possible is important to ensure timely processing. To avoid delays in processing your Kenya eVisa, double-check your application for accuracy and completeness. If you have made an error, correct and resubmit it or seek assistance from the Kenya eVisa support team. It is crucial to address any issues as soon as possible to avoid further delays in processing your Kenya eVisa. If you want to learn more about fixing your Kenya eVisa, please continue reading. Also, please note that obtaining your Kenya eVisa through Visas for Future minimizes the risk of errors in your application. We will ensure that we review your application thoroughly before submitting it on your behalf.

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A Kenya eVisa error is a problem that occurs when you are trying to apply for or obtain a Kenya eVisa. This can happen for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Incorrect information: If you enter incorrect information on your eVisa application, such as your passport number or date of birth, your application may be denied.
  • Incomplete application: If you do not complete all of the required fields on your eVisa application, your application may be denied.
  • Unsupported file type: If you upload a file not in the supported format, such as a PDF instead of a JPEG, your application may be denied.
  • Technical problems: Sometimes, technical problems with the Kenya eVisa system can cause errors.
  • Ineligibility: Your application will be denied if you do not meet the requirements for a Kenya eVisa, such as citizenship or passport validity.1

If you need a Kenya eVisa, Visas for Future is here to assist you. Our expert team will check your application thoroughly and ensure it meets all the requirements required by the Kenyan government. We work diligently to ensure a seamless experience and a successful Kenya eVisa approval. Trust us to navigate any challenges that may arise, allowing you to proceed with your travel plans confidently. We understand the importance of accuracy and completeness in your application and take all necessary measures to ensure no mistakes are made.

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Common Kenya eVisa errors and solutions/alternatives

Obtaining a Kenya eVisa can be a convenient way to simplify your travel, but unfortunately, errors can occur during the application process. Here are some common Kenya eVisa errors, along with potential solutions and alternative options:

  • Incorrect information: Double-check all your information for accuracy, including names, dates, passport details, travel dates, and purpose of visit. Any discrepancies can lead to rejection.4
  • Incomplete application: Ensure all required documents are uploaded and meet the specified format and size requirements. Missing documents will cause delays or rejection.
  • Invalid passport: Your passport must be valid for at least six months beyond your planned departure date from Kenya.5


  • Carefully review your application before submitting it.
  • Contact the eVisa customer support for assistance if you encounter any issues.
  • For error-free processing, use Visas for Future service. Our team will thoroughly review your application.


  • Apply for a visa on arrival (VOA) at a Kenyan airport, but be prepared for longer processing times and potential queues.6
  • Travel to a nearby country with visa-free access for your nationality and enter Kenya overland.
  • Declined payment: Ensure your credit card details are correct and your card has sufficient funds. Consider trying a different payment method if necessary.
  • Technical issues: Payment gateway problems can occur. Try again later or contact customer support for assistance.


  • Double-check your payment details and try again.
  • Use a different payment method, such as a debit card or PayPal.
  • Contact the eVisa customer support for help with technical issues.
  • Visas for Future also provides 24/7 customer service to assist with payment issues.


  • If facing persistent payment issues, consider applying for a VOA or exploring alternative travel options.6

Other errors

  • Inadmissible nationality: Not all nationalities are eligible for eVisas. Check the Kenyan immigration website for a list of eligible countries.
  • Criminal record: Applicants with a criminal record may be denied an eVisa.
  • Security concerns: Immigration officials may reject applications for security reasons.


  • Research visa requirements for your nationality before applying for an eVisa.
  • Contact the Kenyan embassy or consulate for guidance if you have a criminal record.
  • If you encounter issues related to security concerns, seek assistance from the eVisa customer support or the Kenyan embassy/consulate.
  • Visas for Future also provides 24/7 customer service to assist you with your concerns.


  • Consider applying for a VOA or exploring alternative travel options if you fall under these exclusion categories.6
  • Obtain your Kenya eVisa through Visas for Future.

Tips for avoiding errors for Kenya eVisa

Here are some tips to help you avoid errors during the Kenya eVisa application process:

1. Start Early and Plan Ahead

  • Don’t wait until the last minute to apply. Start the process at least four weeks before your intended travel date to allow ample time to address potential issues.
  • Gather all required documents well in advance, including a valid passport, passport-sized photos, travel itinerary, proof of accommodation, and any additional documents specified by Kenyan immigration authorities.

2. Read Instructions Carefully

  • Thoroughly read and understand all instructions on the eVisa application form before starting.
  • Pay close attention to acceptable file formats, size limits, and specific requirements for information fields.

3. Double-Check Information

  • Meticulously review all information you enter, including names, dates, passport numbers, travel dates, and purpose of visit.
  • Ensure accuracy to avoid delays or rejections due to discrepancies.

4. Verify Passport Validity

  • Confirm that your passport has at least six months of validity beyond your planned departure date from Kenya.
  • If necessary, initiate passport renewal procedures in advance.

5. Prepare Documents Properly

  • Scan and upload required documents in the specified formats and sizes.
  • Double-check that all uploads are successful and complete.

6. Use Reliable Internet Connection

  • Complete the application using a stable internet connection to avoid interruptions or errors.

7. Take Your Time

  • Don’t rush through the application. Fill in each section carefully and thoughtfully.

8. Save and Print Information

  • Save a copy of your completed application and payment confirmation for your records.
  • Print a copy of your eVisa approval email to carry with you during your travels.

9. Seek Assistance If Needed

  • Get your Kenya eVisa in just three days with Visas for Future. We will carefully review your application to ensure a hassle-free process.

What if I made a mistake on my Kenya eVisa application?

If you made a mistake on your Kenya eVisa application, don’t panic! You can take steps to rectify the situation, depending on the nature of the mistake and the stage of the application process. Here are some options:

Before Submission

  • Minor errors: If you spotted a typo or other small mistake before submitting your application, edit the information.
  • Major errors: If you realize a significant error, like an incorrect passport number or travel dates, it’s best to start a new application from scratch. This prevents potential delays or rejections due to incorrect information.

After Submission

  • Early stage: If your application is still in the processing stage, you might be able to contact the eVisa customer support team and request a correction. They might be able to update your application if it hasn’t been finalized yet.
  • Later stage: If your application has already been processed and issued, correcting the mistake depends on the severity of the error:
    • Minor inaccuracies: Typos or minor discrepancies might not be an issue unless they affect your passport validity or travel dates.
    • Significant errors: If the error significantly impacts your eVisa, like incorrect travel dates or purpose of visit, you might need to apply for a new eVisa altogether. This also applies if the information discrepancy raises security concerns for Kenyan authorities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why was my Kenyan visa declined?

Visa applications may be denied due to application errors, passport issues, nationality ineligibility, criminal record, insufficient funds/travel plans, or security concerns. It is crucial to immediately reapply in case of security concerns or serious discrepancies.

What happens if you make a mistake on your visa?

The consequences of a visa mistake vary depending on the severity and stage of discovery. Minor typos or omissions might cause delays or require corrections, while major errors like incorrect travel dates or purpose of visit could lead to rejection and necessitate reapplying.

Can you resubmit a visa application?

If your visa application was rejected due to minor errors or missing documents, you can correct them and resubmit the application. Otherwise, you may need to wait or apply for a different type of visa.

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