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An Egypt Visa Invitation Letter is a formal document wherein a resident of Egypt, or a legal entity, invites a foreign national to visit the country. This letter typically contains details about the inviter, the invitee, the purpose of the visit, the duration of stay, and assurances regarding the visitor’s stay and departure. Visas for Future offers letter services. Click the button below and fill out the order form.

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It is worth noting that for travelers from certain countries, obtaining an eVisa or visa-on-arrival is possible without requiring an invitation letter. These types of visas can be considered sufficient for entry into your desired destination. Those who intend to participate in particular events, such as conferences, business meetings, or extended visits, might require an invitation letter.

  • Business Visits: Usually provided by your Egyptian business partner or the company inviting you, this letter is used when you travel to Egypt for business.
  • Private Visits: This letter should be provided by the host, an Egyptian national, for visitors staying with relatives or friends in Egypt.
  • Special Conferences or Events: Occasionally, the organizing body of a major event may provide an invitation letter to help with the visa application process if you plan to attend.

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What are the important details that should be in a visa invitation letter?

An invitation letter for an Egyptian visa that is successful should include the following:

  • Inviter’s information: complete name, mailing address, contact information, and a copy of their identification or, if relevant, residency permission.
  • Information about the Invitee: Full name, passport number, relationship to the sender, and other pertinent facts needed for identification.
  • The visit’s aim should be clear, whether it’s a family get-together, a business meeting, or something else entirely.
  • Duration & Lodging: Indicate how long the guest will stay (at the hotel, with the inviter, etc.) and the details of their accommodations.
  • Guarantees: A host declaration stating that they know the guest must follow Egyptian law and that they plan to depart Egypt before the visa expires.
  • Documentation Supporting: Depending on the goal, attaching documentation such as a business registration may be wise.

What are the requirements for writing a letter of Invitation?

In order to guarantee the legitimacy of the invitation letter, the host needs to meet the following conditions:

  • Must be an Egyptian citizen or a legitimate permanent resident.
  • Must be the applicant’s friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, family member, or relative.
  • Must have a roomy enough registered place of residence (home or apartment) for the applicant.

A Letter of Invitation is not always necessary, but it is always advised to send one, even if it isn’t stated clearly.

How to write a letter of invitation for a visa application?

Some people find writing a letter of invitation to be difficult, but if you know why it’s needed, it’s the easiest part of applying for a visa. The host should write the letter, addressed to the consular officer or the application.

Make sure to review the visa application checklist for specific criteria, since several embassies may offer their invitation form. If a form is given, the host just needs to complete the necessary fields.

The following samples can be utilized, even in the absence of a specific form, by simply changing the information to suit your needs.

It is essential to include pertinent information about the host and the guest in the invitation letter. The correspondence must include the

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Occupation
  • Type of residence (owned/rented house, flat, or room)
  • Host’s status in Egypt (work visa, student visa, permanent resident, citizen, or other legal status)
  • Signature

The letter must also include the following information about the guest:

  • Full name as shown on their International Passport
  • Date of birth
  • Address and telephone number
  • Relationship between the host and the guest
  • Purpose of the trip (e.g., friendly visit, holiday, wedding, birthday party)
  • Exact entry and exit dates

If the letter is addressed to the guest, it should be written in a personal and friendly tone rather than a formal one. This approach helps the consular officer gain a better understanding of the relationship between the host and the guest.

Can An invitation letter guarantee a visa?

No, an invitation letter does not guarantee a visa. An invitation letter is a document that shows that someone in the destination country is willing to host the visa applicant and support their trip. However, the visa applicant still needs to meet the other requirements of the visa application, such as proving their financial capacity, travel purpose, and intention to return to their home country. The visa officer will assess the visa application based on the immigration law and the individual circumstances of the applicant. An invitation letter can help to strengthen the visa application, but it does not ensure that the visa will be issued.

How can I obtain an invitation letter issued by Egypt?

Obtaining an invitation letter from Egypt typically involves the following steps:

  • Determine the Necessity: Firstly, ascertain if your travel purpose indeed requires an invitation letter.
  • Identify the Inviter: If you’re visiting for business, the company or organization you’re dealing with should provide the letter. If it’s a personal visit, a friend or family member residing in Egypt can send the invitation.
  • Provide Required Information: Ensure your host in Egypt has all the necessary details about your visit. This includes your personal information, travel dates, accommodation details, the purpose of your visit, and any other relevant specifics.
  • Letter Creation: The host will draft the invitation letter, ensuring it covers all required details and adheres to any specific format guidelines set by the Egyptian visa authorities.
  • Notarization (If Required): Sometimes, the letter might need to be notarized in Egypt for added authenticity.
  • Submission to Traveler: Once prepared, the host should send the invitation letter to the traveler, preferably via a traceable method, ensuring it arrives without damage.
  • Include with Visa Application: The traveler then includes this letter, along with other necessary documents, when applying for their visa.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use an invitation letter for a visa application?

You can use an invitation letter as supporting documentation for your visa application. However, it is not a mandatory document, and the visa officer may not consider it when deciding.

Should I provide the actual invitation letter or may I just send a copy?

A well-printed copy is usually acceptable, but it’s best to confirm with the Egyptian consulate or embassy in your area before applying.

How long should my letter of invitation for an Egypt visa be?

There’s no hard word count, but it’s important to be succinct and include all pertinent information. Usually, no more than one page is needed.

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