How Much Does A Visa Cost In Colombia?

The price of a Colombian visa is determined by both the visa type and your place of origin, typically totaling one hundred dollars (US$100) in Colombian pesos. This fee is determined at the average exchange rate fixed every four (4) months and includes both the initial application fee and the visa issuance fee, along with a US$45 stamp tax. To find additional details about visa costs in Colombia, please refer to the rest of this article.

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The cost of a visa in Colombia varies depending on the type of visa. Below are the fees for different types of visas:1

Visitor Visas (V)

  • Airport Transit: $92
  • Tourism: $103
  • Business Activities: $228
  • Academic Exchange, Studies in Art or Trades, and Postgraduate Studies: $52
  • Medical Treatment and Accompanying Person: $171
  • Administrative/Judicial Procedures: $171
  • Ship or Coastal Platform Crew Member: $171
  • Event Participant: $171
  • Intern/Trainee: $171
  • Volunteer: $171
  • Audiovisual and Digital Production: $171
  • Journalistic Coverage: $171
  • Temporary Service Provider: $171
  • Intra-corporate Transfer: $228
  • Official or Commercial Representative of a Foreign Government: $228

Migrant Visas (M)

  • Spouse or Permanent Partner of a Colombian National: $217
  • Parent or Child of a Colombian National by Adoption: $217
  • MERCOSUR Agreement: $217
  • Refugee: $0
  • Worker: $217
  • Partner/Owner: $217
  • To Practice a Profession or Independent Activity: $217
  • Religious: $217
  • Primary, Secondary, Middle, and Undergraduate Students: $52
  • Real Estate Investment: $217
  • Pensioner or Rentier: $217

Resident Visas (R)

  • R – Visa: $341
  • Visa Transfer (“Transfer of Visa”): $80

To pay the Colombia visa fee, follow these steps:2

In Colombia:

Payment: Ensure payment is made on the same day you receive the receipt. If unable to pay on that day, obtain a new receipt with the correct payment date.

  • Pay at any GNB Sudameris Bank branch nationwide or at the branch in the Visa office.
  • If using a Visa Network card, make direct payments at the Visas office.
  • Utilize Servibanca ATMs for payment.
  • For PSE payment, you need an active account in Colombia approved by your bank for electronic transactions.


Payment: Before making the payment, formalize your application.

  • Pay online using the Electronic Payment System. Click the secure online payments button. Understand the process by referring to our PSE Guide for the Citizen. Remember, you need an active account in Colombia authorized by your bank for electronic payments to complete the payment.

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Colombia eVisa

  • For Airport Transit, Tourism, Business, Student, and Medical purposes.
  • Visa validity, duration, number of entries, and requirements depend on the traveler’s purpose.
  • $198.80 fee.

Check-MIG form

  • Serves as a health declaration form.3
  • It is not a visa and does not replace a visa.3
  • Required for all travelers entering and leaving Colombia via air.4
  • $38.95 fee
  • One (1) day turnaround time.

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Fees involving the Colombia visa

Obtaining a visa for Colombia involves two sets of fees:5

1. Initial Application Fee

This fee is paid upfront when you submit your visa application. It covers the costs of processing your application and determining whether you meet the eligibility requirements. The amount you pay depends on your nationality and where you’re applying from.

  • €40 (approximately $43.53): Applies to citizens of Cuba and European countries.
  • $52: Applies to citizens of all other countries, as well as those applying from within Colombia.

2. Visa Issuance Fee (if approved)

If your visa application is approved, you’ll need to pay an additional fee before your visa is issued. This fee varies depending on your:

  • Nationality: Different nationalities have different fee amounts.
  • Visa type: The type of visa you’re applying for (e.g., tourist, work, student) determines the specific fee.

Additional Costs to Consider:

Besides the visa fees themselves, you may also need to factor in other expenses associated with obtaining a Colombian visa, such as:

  • Passport photos: These typically cost around $10-$20.
  • Travel insurance: The cost will vary depending on the coverage you choose and the length of your stay in Colombia.
  • Medical exams: Some visa types may require you to undergo medical exams, which can range from $50 to $200 or more.

Understanding Visa Expenses in Colombia

Understanding Visa Expenses in Colombia: A Quick Guide

  1. Type of Visa

The cost of your visa depends on the type you need. Colombia offers visas for tourists, workers, students, and investors.

  1. Processing Fees

Each visa type comes with a processing fee. Pay this fee when you submit your application. Fees vary, so check the current schedule.

  1. Currency Exchange Rates

Visa fees are in Colombian Pesos (COP). Know the exchange rates to understand the cost in your home currency. Keep an eye on rate changes.

  1. Additional Costs

Some visas need extra documents like medical exams or translations. These can add to your expenses.

  1. Legalization of Documents

Certain documents may need to be legalized before applying depending on your home country. Factor in the cost of this process.

  1. Duration and Renewal

Check how long your visa lasts. If you plan to stay longer, you might need to renew. Look into renewal processes and fees.

  1. Professional Assistance

Though not mandatory, some hire professionals or lawyers for help. This can cost extra but might simplify the application process.

  1. Change in Regulations

Immigration rules and fees can change. Stay updated on any updates that might affect your visa application costs.

Importance of knowing the prices for applying for a visa

Knowing the prices for visa applications is important for a few simple reasons:

Planning Your Budget

Understanding how much it costs to apply for a visa helps you plan your budget properly. This way, you can make sure you have enough money set aside to cover all the expenses involved in getting your visa.

Financial Readiness

Knowing the fees for your visa application helps you get financially prepared. You can make smart decisions about your travel or moving plans when you have a clear idea of how much money you need.

Preventing Financial Surprises

Knowing the visa fees helps you steer clear of financial surprises. You’ll have a good understanding of all the costs involved, reducing the chances of unexpected expenses during the application process.

Peace of Mind

Having the exact information about how much your visa application will cost gives you peace of mind. You can focus on the exciting parts of planning your trip without worrying about unexpected financial surprises.

What documents do I need for a Colombian visa?

The documents required for Colombia visa are as follows:6
1. A valid passport with at least 6 months validity.
2. A scanned or photographed copy of your passport
3. A recent passport-size photo.
4. A letter with your full name and the details of your planned activity in Colombia.
5. A bank statement for the last six months.
6. A round-trip ticket.
7. Health insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Filipinos visa-free in Colombia?

Filipinos are not required to get a visa to enter Colombia for a maximum stay of 90 days.

How long does it take to get a visa in Colombia?

The processing time for a Colombian visa depends on the type of visa you’re applying for and where you’re applying from. Tourist visas applied online typically take a few days, while other visa types or applications submitted in person can take up to 30 days. Remember, this is just an estimate, so always check the official Colombian embassy or consulate website for the most up-to-date processing times specific to your situation.

How long can I stay in Colombia without a visa?

The length of time you can stay in Colombia without a visa depends on your nationality.

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