Does a Turkey Visa Require an Interview?

Planning a trip to Turkey but unsure if the visa process involves an interview? Fear not, traveler! Whether you'll face friendly questioning at the embassy or enjoy a streamlined online application depends on two key factors: your nationality and the visa type you need. Most nationalities require the traditional Sticker Visa, which usually involves an interview. But fret not, the interview is simply a chance to chat with a consular officer about your trip and provide supporting documents. Alternatively, if your country qualifies for the e-Visa, you're in luck! This convenient online option skips the interview entirely, letting you submit your application electronically. In this article, we tackle the Turkey visa interview process. As we guide you through the interview process, our professional service can help you obtain a stress-free Turkey visa.

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Turkey imposes a visa requirement on most foreign visitors, with a specific visa category depending on their nationality and purpose of travel. Turkey’s primary visa types are the Turkish Sticker Visa and the Turkish Electronic Visa (e-Visa).

For Turkish Sticker Visas, applicants must complete an online form and then attend an interview at the Turkish embassy or consulate in their country of residence. During this interview, a consular officer will pose a few questions concerning the purpose of the trip, and applicants must ensure they have all the necessary documents readily available. Mistakes during the application process can lead to rejection, which may have repercussions for future visa applications.

On the other hand, Turkish Electronic Visas do not require an in-person interview. Applicants can conveniently apply online by completing the application form and submitting the required documents. The online system will guide applicants on the documents needed for their particular visa category for entry into Turkey. The visa will be electronically linked to the applicant’s passport if the application is approved.

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Why is there an interview when getting a visa?

Visa interviews serve several important purposes in the application process:

Assessing “Nonimmigrant Intent”:

  • Verifying information: The interview allows the consular officer to assess the accuracy and authenticity of the information you provided in your application.
  • Gauging intentions: The officer aims to understand your genuine intentions for travel or residence in the destination country. They’ll check if your planned activities and stay duration align with the specific visa type you’re requesting.
  • Demonstrating ties to your home country: The interview allows you to showcase your strong connections to your home country, such as job, family, property ownership, or community involvement. This evidence helps convince the officer you intend to return after your visit or residency period.

Security and Immigration Concerns:

  • Identifying potential risks: The interview is an efficient way to flag any security concerns or potential immigration red flags. This includes identifying individuals who might overstay their visas, work illegally, or pose security threats.
  • Maintaining national security: By assessing your background and intentions, the consular officer contributes to upholding the national security and immigration laws of the destination country.

Information Gathering and Clarification:

  • Seeking additional details: The interview allows the officer to ask further questions if something in your application needs clarification or raises doubts. This ensures a more thorough understanding of your situation and strengthens decision-making.
  • Personal interaction: Beyond documents, the interview provides a human touch to the application process. The officer can gauge your demeanor, communication skills, and overall presentation, offering additional insights not fully captured in written documents.

Overall, visa interviews are crucial in upholding national security, verifying applicant information, and ensuring legitimate temporary or permanent residency in the destination country. While it can be nerve-wracking, preparation and understanding the process can ease the experience and increase your chances of successful visa approval.1

Questions you might face during a visa interview for Turkey

  1. What is your reason for wanting to visit Turkey? 
    • This question aims to determine your purpose and motivation for traveling to Turkey. You should answer honestly and clearly, and provide any supporting documents if possible. For example:
      • if you are going for tourism, you can show your itinerary or hotel bookings.
      • You can show your invitation letter or contract if you are going on business.
      • You can show your doctor’s letter or appointment confirmation if you are going for medical treatment.
  2. How long will you be staying in Turkey?
    • This question is intended to determine if you intend to abide by the terms and duration of your visa. You should answer with the exact dates of your travel plans and show your return ticket if possible. Additionally, you should not indicate any intention to extend your stay or change your status in Turkey.
  3. How will you support yourself financially during your stay in Turkey?
    • This question determines whether you have sufficient funds to cover your expenses and avoid becoming a public charge while in Turkey. You should answer by providing the sources and amounts of your income and savings and presenting any relevant documents such as bank statements, tax returns, or sponsorship letters. You should also mention any expenses that you have already paid for, such as airfare or accommodation. 
  4. Do you have any relatives or friends in Turkey?
    • This question is to determine whether you have any ties or connections in Turkey that might influence your decision to return to your home country. You should answer truthfully and mention the names and relationships of your relatives or friends in Turkey. You should also explain how often you communicate with them and what are their immigration statuses. 
  5. What are your plans after returning to your home country?
    • This question aims to determine whether you have any compelling reasons to return to your home country and not overstay or immigrate to Turkey. You should answer with any personal, professional, or educational goals that you have in your home country and show any evidence of them, if possible. For example:
      • You can show your employment letter or salary slip if you have a job.
      • If you have a family, you can show their photos or birth certificates.
      • You can show your enrollment letter or transcripts if you have a study program.

These are some of the common visa interview questions that you might face, but there could be more depending on your specific situation and visa type. 

Tips and guidelines, to increase your chances of having a successful interview for a visa

  • Research the visa requirements
  • Review your application form and supporting documents
  • Practice your answers
  • Dress appropriately
  • Arrive on time
  • Be polite and confident during the interview. 
  • Know your program and how it fits your career plans
  • Bring any additional documents that can prove your purpose and intention of travel, such as Invitation letters, hotel bookings, return tickets, bank statements, tax returns, sponsorship letters, etc.
  • Answer all questions honestly and clearly, and avoid giving vague or inconsistent answers. You should also avoid lying or hiding any relevant information that could affect your visa eligibility.

The visa interview is not meant to intimidate or harass you but to ensure that you are a genuine and qualified applicant who meets the criteria and conditions for the visa type you are applying for. This is also a chance for you to showcase yourself as an applicant and convince the visa officer that you deserve to be granted a visa.

What documents do I need to bring for the Turkey Visa Interview?

The documents you need to bring for the Turkey visa interview may vary depending on the type of visa and the purpose of your travel. However, some common documents that are usually required are:2

  • Appointment letter
    • You should bring the interview appointment letter you received from the Turkish Embassy or Consulate.
  • Passport
    • You should bring an unexpired passport valid for at least six months beyond your intended period of stay in Turkey (unless country-specific agreements provide exemptions). If more than one person is included in your passport, each person desiring a visa must apply. 
  • Photographs
    • You should bring two identical color photographs for each applicant, which must meet the general photograph requirements.
  • Visa application form
    • You should fill out the online visa application form and print a copy to bring.
  • Supporting documents
    • You should bring original or certified copies of all civil documents that support your visa application, such as
      • birth certificates
      • marriage certificates
      • bank statements
      • hotel reservations
      • flight tickets, etc.
    • The documents may vary depending on your visa category and country of origin. You should check the website of the Turkish Embassy or Consulate for the specific requirements of your case.
  • English translations
    • If documents requiring English translation were not sent to the Turkish Embassy or Consulate beforehand, you must obtain them and present them on the day of your interview.
  • Work permit and letter from employer
    • If you are applying for a work visa, you should also bring a work permit and a letter from your employer stating your position, working record, and monthly or annual income. Your employer should also submit some documents to the Turkish Ministry of Labor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an appointment for a Turkey visa?

Visitors who are not visa-exempt must apply for a visa or make an appointment with a sticker with a Turkish consulate through the Turkish Visa Pre-Registration System.

How long does it take for a Turkish visa to be approved?

The processing time takes 24 hours.

What is the procedure to get a Turkey visa?

1. Fill out the application form.
2. Submit payment.
3. Answer intake questions.
4. Receive your Turkey e-Visa within 24 hours!

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