Canada Visa Questions and Answers

Are you having trouble and quite nervous about your upcoming Canada interview? We'll, you are not alone, most applicants have been in that situation. But do not be anxious because we have compiled Frequently Asked Questions about Canada visa interview which comes with a guide on how you will master in answering each of them. If you want to know more about questions on Canada visa interview, talk to us today!

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Applying for a Canada visa requires an interview. The specific questions you’ll be asked for a Canada visa will depend on the type of visa you’re applying for.

Some typical questions that you may face across different visa categories are:

  1. Personal Information:
  • Full Name, Date of Birth, Nationality, and Passport Number: This confirms who you are and the validity of your travel document.
  • Marital Status and Dependents: Knowing your family ties helps evaluate your likelihood of returning to your home country.

2. Travel Plans:

  • Purpose of Visit: What is your reason for coming to Canada? Tourism, business, studies, visiting family, etc.
  • Length of Stay: How long do you intend to stay in Canada?
  • Itinerary: Where will you be staying during your visit? Do you have a travel plan?
  • Previous Visits to Canada: Have you been to Canada before? If yes, when and why?

3. Financial Situation:

  • Proof of Income and Funding: Show that you have enough money to support yourself during your stay (proof of employment, bank statements, etc.).
  • Sponsorship (if applicable): If someone is paying for your visit, provide information about their income and relationship to you.

4. Ties to Home Country:

  • Employment Status: What is your occupation, and who is your employer?
  • Property Ownership: Do you have any property in your home country?
  • Family Ties: Do you have any relatives living in your home country?

5. Additional Questions:

  • Health: Disclose any medical conditions you have.
  • Criminal Record: Have you ever been found guilty of a crime?
  • Security: Questions about possible security threats or previous involvement in unlawful activities.

However, visa-exempt foreign nationals who fly to or transit through a Canadian airport must have Canada Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA).((Immigration, R. and C. C. (2015, November 17). Find out about Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). Government of Canada. https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/visit-canada/eta/facts.html)) Thus, having a visa or ETA (for a visa-exempt country), all foreigners going to Canada are also required to apply for a CBSA Declaration Card before arriving.((Government of Canada, C. B. S. A. (2022, September 26). Government of Canada. ArriveCAN: Advance CBSA Declaration. www.cbsa-Asfc.gc.ca. https://www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca/multimedia/declaration/menu-eng.html))

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  • Valid for five (5) years from the date of issue or until the expiration date of the passport that was used for the ETA application, whichever comes first.((Immigration, R. and C. C. (2015, November 17). Find out about Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). Government of Canada. https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/visit-canada/eta/facts.html))
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And regardless of being visa-exempt or not, all travelers going to Canada are required to apply for Canada CBSA Declaration Card. Our service will give you CBSA in just one (1) business day.((Canada, P.H.A. of. (2020, November 2). COVID-19: Use ArriveCAN to enter Canada. www.canada.ca. https://www.canada.ca/en/border-services-agency/services/arrivecan.html))

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What are the Common Questions for the Canada Visa and their Corresponding Answers?

Common and General Question for Canada Visa:

  • Are you accompanied by your family?
    • Answer in plain yes or no, and if yes, you can tell them honestly whom you with and how are you related to them.
  • Have you ever been found guilty of a serious crime in your home country?
    • The Immigration officer is asking if you have current criminal record which might lead you getting denied.
  • What is the duration of your stay in Canada?
    • Answer truthfully and casually, tell them what will you do in Canada.
  • How much money are you carrying with you?
    • They wanted to know if you are capable enough to provide for your trip and if you are financially able to qualify for whichever specific visa you are applying for.
  • Are you in good health?
    • Answer that you are in a well-being and passed the medical exam.
  • Have you visited Canada before?
    • Kindly respond with a yes or no, and if your answer is yes, please provide details about your previous visits to Canada. Please include information such as the reason for the trip and the duration of your stay.
  • What are you bringing to Canada?
    • Don’t lie. Your answers to the questions must be truthful. It is a serious offence to make a false statement. If you lie, you may not be allowed to stay in Canada.
    • If you are well prepared and you have no items that are prohibited in Canada, the process will be fast.
  • Are you married and do you have children? 
    • Please be specific in answering the questions about your marriage (if divorce, what happened), how is your family and how are your children if you have any.
  • Have you ever been denied a visa to Canada or overstayed a previous visa?
    • It’s important to be transparent about any instances of visa denials or overstays in the past. It’s crucial to provide a clear explanation of any difficulties encountered, demonstrate how you have addressed them, and provide assurance that this time around, things will be different.

Questions for Canada Work Visa:

  • What inspired you to apply for a job in Canada?
    • Kindly emphasize the benefits and potential of Canada, such as its robust economy, inclusive work culture, and promising career growth. Express your enthusiasm for being a part of Canada’s workforce and contributing to its progress.
  • How did you find out about the job opening in Canada?
    • It’s important to be truthful about the source of your job opportunity, whether it was through online job portals, networking, or other recruitment channels. Additionally, it’s beneficial to showcase your proactive job searching approach.
  • What is the duration of your job offer?
    • Please provide the job offer’s time frame and mention your plan to leave Canada after it ends.
  • Why do you want to work for this company in Canada? 
    • To impress the interviewer, you must explain why you are interested in the specific role and company. This requires researching the company, its objectives, and values beforehand to ensure that your values and goals align with theirs.
  • How do you plan to support yourself financially while in Canada?
    • To exhibit your financial stability, you can mention your savings, any job prospects you have, or any financial assistance you are receiving from your family or sponsors. This will showcase your responsible attitude towards ensuring self-reliance.
  • Do you plan on returning to your home country after your work permit?
    • It’s advisable to avoid expressing your desire to remain in Canada and not return to your own country unless you have a plan to extend your visa. Instead, you can talk about your family aspirations and future career goals in your home country, and how your stay in Canada will assist you in advancing your career when you go back.

Questions for Canada Student Visa:

  • Why did you choose Canada for your studies?
    • Explain how Canada’s education system offers excellence and choice in various fields of study, how its culture celebrates its indigenous and immigrant influences, and how its environment fosters a sense of belonging and respect. Identify some of the particular universities or colleges that interest you and how they can support your academic and personal development.
  • What program and institution have you applied to?
    • Clarify how your chosen program supports your career plans and why you are drawn to a specific institution. This reveals that you have researched your options and chosen wisely.
  • How do you plan on funding your education?
    • State the facts, based on whether your parents or a bank loan are paying for your education. This question will also check the information you filled out on the visa application form.
  • What are your plans after completing your studies?
    • Summarize your career goals, whether they include returning to your home country to make a positive impact or continuing your education. Demonstrate that you have a well-defined plan for your future.
  • Where do you plan to stay while studying?
    • Provide your address while you stay and whether it is a temporary or permanent situation. This will indicate if you plan to stay until you finish your course/program or not.

Questions for Spouse Visa:

  • How you and your spouse got to know each other?
  • How long you have been in a marriage or a common-law relationship?
  • What is your spouse’s complete name and birth date, and your spouse’s job?
  • Specify if you have any more proof of your relationship, such as images or chats.
  • How you obtained your marriage or common-law paper?
  • Do you own any shared accounts or property?
  • Where does your spouse work, the name of the company, the position held and how long has he or she worked there?

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I pass my Canadian visa interview?

To pass your Canadian visa interview, prepare thoroughly, present professionally, and convince the officer you’re a reliable visitor with strong ties to home.

Is there any interview for a Canada visa?

An interview for a Canadian visa isn’t always necessary. Regardless, all travelers can expect a brief screening interview upon arrival at the border.

How can I avoid Canadian visa rejection?

To avoid your visa getting rejected, you must meet requirements, submit documents, practice questions, fill out forms correctly, keep your travel record clean, and show home ties.

Can I get a Canada visa without an interview?

Yes, but it depends on several factors, such as your visa type, travel history completeness and accuracy of your application, and the discretion of the visa officer.

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