How much is a Canada Visa for Zimbabwe Citizens?

The cost of a Canada visa for Zimbabwe citizens varies depending on the type of visa applied for (about ZWL$1,630), which may vary depending on several factors. But that's not all - you'll also need a Canada Advance CBSA Declaration Card, which can be a hassle to obtain. Fortunately, we're here to help! We offer a quick and easy Advance CBSA Declaration Card application process - all you need to do is message us now to get started!

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The price of a Canada visa for Zimbabwean nationals varies based on several factors, such as:

  1. Visa category: Different visa categories (tourist, business, student, etc.) have different costs. Generally, tourist visas are the most popular and cheap.
  2. Application method: Applying for a visa at an embassy or consulate in person may have extra fees compared to applying online or by mail.
  3. Exchange rate: Visa costs are in Canadian dollars (CAD), so the value in Zimbabwean dollars (ZWL) will change depending on the current exchange rate.

Here is a general summary of visa costs for Zimbabwean nationals applying for visas to Canada:

Type of VisaCost
Tourist visa (single entry)CAD$100 (about ZWL$1,630)
Tourist visa (multiple entry)CAD$200 (about ZWL$3,260)
Business visaCAD$150 (about ZWL$2,445)
Visitor visa – per family (1 fee per family of 5 or more people)CAD$500
Student visaCAD$150 (about ZWL$2,445)
Temporary Resident PermitCAD$229.7
Extend your stay as a visitor – per personCAD$100.00

Aside from applying for a Visa to Canada, Zimbabwe citizens need to apply for a Canada Advance CBSA Declaration Card which you can apply with us if you will be arriving at certain Canadian international airports:1

  • Vancouver International Airport (YVR)
  • Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) (Terminals 1 and 3)
  • Montréal-Trudeau International Airport (YUL)
  • Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport (YWG)
  • Halifax Stanfield International Airport (YHZ)
  • Québec City Jean Lesage International Airport (YQB)
  • Calgary International Airport (YYC)
  • Ottawa International Airport (YOW)
  • Edmonton International Airport (YEG)
  • Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport (YTZ)

Streamline your Canadian arrival! Submit your customs and immigration info up to 72 hours before your flight with the Advance CBSA Declaration Card.2 Let Visas for Future guide you through the process and save time on arrival. Plus, for every application, we plant a tree for a greener future!

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If you travel to Canada for tourism, business, or transit, you must apply for a Canada Advance CBSA Declaration Card if you will be arriving from a specific Canadian airport that requires the document. We can help you get your Advance CBSA Declaration Card by email within one business day. Our service provides a Canada Advance CBSA Declaration Card that is valid 72 hours after submission.

  • Advance Canada Border Services Agency Declaration is not a visa and does not replace a Canadian visa.1
  • Single-entry.
  • $56.24.

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Methods of Payment for a Canada Visa

As a Zimbabwean citizen applying for a Canada visa, you have a few main ways to pay for your application, each with different considerations:


  1. VISA Debit Card with INTERAC: This is the preferred option for Zimbabweans applying online through the IRCC website as it does not need a Canadian bank account and avoids possible conversion fees, unlike credit cards with international charges. Make sure your card allows online transactions and has enough funds before paying.
  2. Credit Card: Some Zimbabwean banks may offer credit cards that can be used for IRCC payment (Visa or Mastercard), but check with your bank first to verify international online transactions are possible and ask about potential conversion or transaction fees.
  3. Prepaid Cards: Think about prepaid cards like Visa or Mastercard from Canadian financial institutions. However, research specific restrictions and make sure the card can be reloaded with enough money for the visa fee as some prepaid cards may not support online transactions or enough balance loading.

In Person:

  1. Cash: This option may be hard as not all Scotiabank branches in Canada take international cash payments for visa applications from Zimbabwe. Contact your closest Scotiabank branch before to confirm their policy and availability.
  2. Debit Card: Like cash limitations above, in-person debit card payments for visa applications from Zimbabwe may not be widely accepted at application centers. Check with your selected center for their specific policies and supported card types.

What are the types of Canadian Visas?

Canada offers a variety of visas to meet the diverse needs of international visitors and potential residents. These visas can be broadly categorized into three types:

  • Immigration Visas: These visas allow you to live and work in Canada permanently. There are several types of immigration visas, including:
    • Federal Skilled Worker Visa (Express Entry): This is a points-based system for skilled workers with the desired education, experience, and language skills.
    • Canadian Experience Class Visa: This is for individuals with temporary work experience in Canada who want to transition to permanent residency.
    • Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs): These are tailored programs by individual provinces based on their specific labor market needs.
    • Family Sponsorship Visa: This visa allows Canadian citizens and permanent residents to sponsor their spouses, partners, parents, or grandparents for permanent residency.
    • Business and Investor Immigration Programs: These are options for entrepreneurs and investors who want to contribute to the Canadian economy.
  • Non-Immigrant Visas: These visas grant temporary stays for specific purposes. The types of non-immigrant visas include:
    • Visitor Visa: This visa is for tourism, leisure, or visiting family and friends. It is usually valid for six months or less.
    • Student Visa: This visa enables international students to pursue studies at accredited Canadian institutions.
    • Temporary Work Permit: This visa allows qualified foreign workers to fill temporary labor gaps in Canada.
    • Super Visa: This is a multi-entry visa valid for up to 10 years for parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens or permanent residents.
    • Diplomatic and Official Visas: These visas are for government officials and representatives on official business.
  • Transit Visas: These visas are necessary for passing through Canada without leaving the international zone of an airport.

Canada Visa General Requirements

To embark on your Canadian adventure, a visitor visa serves as your key. But before unlocking its wonders, ensure you meet these essential requirements:3

  • Completed application form for a Temporary Resident Visa – IMM 5257.
  • Valid passport with at least six (6) months validity beyond the date of the trip and two blank pages.
  • Copies of all canceled or expired passports as proof of previous trips.
  • Two recent photos with your name and date of birth written on the back. They must have been taken within the last six (6) months. However, if you are providing biometrics, then the photos are not required.
  • Proof of legal residency status.
  • Travel authorization letter (if the applicant is a minor) that includes the parent(s) passport.
  • Payment of visa fee.

Remember: These are essential steps, but they may not guarantee visa approval. Each application is assessed individually based on various factors.

How to apply for a Canada Visa for Zimbabwe Citizens?

You can visit the official website of Canada Immigration to apply for a visitor visa. Here are the sample screenshots of the steps you will need to fill out to get one.

  1. Go to the official website of Canada Immigration by clicking here. Choose Visit Canada.

2. Select apply for a visitor visa.

3. Then click on “How to Apply”. You will be asked to prepare the documents listed above. Select the reason why are you applying for a visitor visa.

4. After preparing the documents, scroll down and click, “sign in to the IRRC portal”.

5. You will be directed to the instructions on how to apply for a visitor visa online.

6. Scroll down and choose between signing in to the IRRC Portal or getting an invite code to create an account.

Note: If you choose signing in to the IRRC Portal, you will be asked with your email address and password to create an account.

If you choose to get a code, you need to fill-in your email and password.

Note: Before you submit your application, you will:

  • Complete your information
  • Pay the visa and biometric fees
  • Upload your documents

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an interview required for a Canada visa?

Zimbabwean visitors who apply for single-entry tourist visas usually do not need to undergo interviews. However, in some cases, interviews might be necessary for those who apply for multiple-entry visas.

What is proof of funds for a visitor visa in Canada?

To prove your financial ability to visit Canada, you need to provide:
1. Recent bank statements showing enough money for your trip (3-6 months).
2. Employment income documents showing steady earnings. 
3. Sponsored funds letter and bank statements if applicable. 
4. Investments and assets documents if any.
5. Travel documents.

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