Can I Edit My Aruba ED Card?

No, your Aruba ED Card cannot be edited but can be updated. If you need to update your ED card information, you need to get a new ED Card. This article provides a procedure to bring a new one. Additionally, we offer Aruba ED Card processing service, which can be done online. To start your Aruba ED Card application process, click the button below.

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Unfortunately, editing your existing Aruba ED card is not possible. Once you’ve submitted it and received your approval, it’s locked and can’t be modified.

However, there are a couple of options depending on your situation:

1. Minor Corrections: If you only need to fix minor typos or inaccuracies, you can submit a new ED card application with the corrected information, you won’t need to pay the insurance fee again unless you change your travel insurance provider.

2. Significant Changes: If you have major changes, like a different flight number, arrival date, or purpose of visit, submitting a new ED card application is also necessary. Remember, changes to your travel plans beyond 24 hours before departure might require a new application anyway.

  • Submit a new ED Card: You can complete a new application reflecting the updated information. This approach ensures all details are accurate and avoids potential delays upon arrival.
  • Contact the Aruba Department of Public Health: In exceptional circumstances, contacting the Aruba Department of Public Health directly might be necessary. They can offer guidance and assistance based on your specific situation.

The Aruba ED Card, also known as the Embarkation and Disembarkation Card, is an electronic entry registration system used by the government of Aruba. It is a mandatory requirement for travelers visiting Aruba for more than 24 hours, including babies and kids. The ED Card is an online form that collects essential information from visitors, such as personal details, travel information, and purpose of visit.1

Are you planning to visit Aruba and need assistance obtaining your ED Card? Visas for Future is here to help you simplify the process. By completing a straightforward application form and paying the processing fee, you will receive your ED Card via email within 24 hours. This means that you can avoid the inconvenience of long queues and complex paperwork. So, why not make the most of this convenient service and order your ED card today?

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If you plan to visit Aruba, you must obtain an ED Card. The Embarkation and Disembarkation Card is an electronic registration system that the Aruban government mandates visitors to utilize. The ED-Card is an online form that gathers important information from visitors, including personal details, travel information, and the purpose of their visit.

  • It is mandatory for all visitors who are staying in Aruba for more than 24 hours.1
  • It costs $33.00.
  • 24 hours processing time.
  • The online ED card is valid from the moment the application has been approved until the tourist has been granted permission to enter Aruba or until the flight mentioned in the registry has arrived in Aruba.1

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Procedures for editing or updating information on the card

To update information on your Aruba ED Card, follow the same process as applying for a new one.

  1. Go to the online ED Card application and fill out the form.
  2. Make payment via credit card or debit card.
  3. Fill out the intake form correctly.
  4. Review your application, then submit it.
  5. Wait for your updated Aruba Ed Card in your inbox.
  6. Save or Print it.

Tips to avoid mistakes in the Aruba ED card

To avoid the hassle of resubmitting your Aruba ED card due to errors, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Accuracy is key

  • Double-check every entry: Typos, misspellings, and even small discrepancies can cause delays or denial of entry. Pay close attention to names, passport numbers, dates, and flight information.
  • Match your passport: Ensure your ED card name matches your passport exactly, including middle names or initials. Any inconsistencies can raise red flags.
  • Verify flight details: Double-check your flight number, arrival date, and airline information. Incorrect details might lead to confusion at the airport.
  • Don’t leave fields blank: Fill out all required fields completely. Leaving something blank might trigger processing delays.

Plan and prepare

  • Start early: You can complete the ED card up to 7 days before your trip. This gives you ample time to review and revise if needed.
  • Proofread thoroughly: Before submitting, read through the entire form carefully. Ask a friend or family member to proofread it for you, too.
  • Print a copy: Keep a printout of your ED card in your travel documents for easy reference during your trip.

Be tech-savvy

  • Save your application: Once you start filling it out, save your application so you don’t lose your progress if the website encounters technical issues.
  • Check updates: Stay informed about any updates or changes to the ED card process before your trip.

Update if necessary

  • If you need to change or update any information on your ED card, you can fill out a new form and link it to your existing insurance policy. You can also check the status of your ED card online.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I complete the Aruba ED card?

The ideal time to complete your Aruba ED card is within 72 hours before you arrive in Aruba.

Do I need to print my ED card for Aruba?

While not mandatory, printing your Aruba ED card confirmation is highly recommended. Though you can show it digitally at check-in and immigration, having a physical copy ensures smooth travel even if your phone or electronics malfunction. Remember, it serves as verification of your travel authorization and insurance compliance. So, for peace of mind and convenience, print your ED card before your trip to Aruba!

Do you need an Aruba ED card to leave?

Yes, you do need an Aruba ED card to leave the island. It functions as an embarkation and disembarkation card, proving your entry and departure from Aruba.

What documents are needed to enter Aruba?

To enter Aruba, you must have a valid passport, complete an Embarkation and Disembarkation (ED) card, and show proof of onward or return flight. You should also be prepared to demonstrate that you have enough funds to cover your expenses during your stay. Additional requirements include a visa, travel insurance, or documentation for children.

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