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A cover letter is a document that you can submit along with your visa application to explain your purpose of visit, travel itinerary, and other relevant details to the visa officer. A cover letter is not always necessary, but it can significantly improve your chances of a successful visa application by clearly and concisely presenting your travel purpose. This article will give you more information about the cover letter for your Australia visa application. Are you planning to apply for Australia visa? Visas for Future offer letter services. To start, click the button below.

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An Australian visa cover letter isn’t always mandatory, still, it can be a valuable tool to explain your purpose for visiting, strengthen your application, and address any potential concerns the immigration officer might have.1 Here’s what it is and how you can use it:

What is it?

  • A document attached to your Australian visa application provides additional information and clarifies your intentions.
  • It complements your formal application form and offers your case a personal narrative.
  • It is not obligatory for all Australian visa types but recommended for some situations (e.g., complex travel plans, specific conditions needing explanation).

What should it include?

  • Introduction: Briefly introduce yourself and state your desired visa type.
  • Purpose of visit: Explain why and how long you want to visit Australia.
  • Travel details: Outline your planned itinerary, including key destinations, accommodation, and activities.
  • Financial situation: Demonstrate your ability to support yourself during your stay, mentioning proof of funds and financial resources.
  • Ties to your home country: Highlight reasons for returning to your home country after your visit (job, family, property).
  • Additional information: Address any potential concerns about your application, such as gaps in employment or previous visa overstays.
  • Conclusion: Briefly reiterate your purpose and express your confidence in meeting the visa requirements.

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What is The Purpose of an Australia Visa Cover Letter?

The purpose of an Australia visa cover letter is to provide additional information and context to support your visa application.1 In contrast, the visa application form covers essential details, a cover letter allows you to present a more personalized and detailed explanation of your intent to visit Australia, your ties to your home country, and the reasons why you should be granted the visa. It serves as a supporting document to help immigration officials understand your circumstances and assess your eligibility for the visa.

How To Write an Australian Visa Cover Letter?

Writing an Australian visa cover letter involves expressing your intent, providing context, and supporting your visa application with relevant information. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to write an effective Australian visa cover letter:

1. Heading includes your:

  • Name.
  • Address.
  • Contact details at the top of the letter.
  • Date write the date on which you are submitting the letter.
  • Recipient’s Details if you have the information, include the recipient’s details (embassy or consulate).

2. Salutation:

  • Dear [Title and Last Name of the Visa Officer] if the recipient’s name is unavailable, you can use a generic salutation such as “To Whom It May Concern.”

3. A Brief Introduction:

  • Begins with a concise introduction expressing your intent to apply for an Australian visa.

4. State the Purpose:

  • Clearly explain the purpose of your visit to Australia (tourism, business, study, etc.).

5. Provide Personal Information including:

  • Full name.
  • Date of birth.
  • Passport number.
  • Any other necessary details.

6. Outline Your Travel Plans: Provide details of your travel itinerary, including:

  • Planned dates of arrival and departure.
  • Accommodation arrangements.
  • Any scheduled activities.

7. Demonstrate Financial Capability clearly state how you plan to finance your trip, including:

  • Any funds.
  • Bank statements.
  • Sponsorships.

8. Ties to Home Country highlight your ties to your home country, such as:

  • Employment.
  • Family.
  • Property ownership.
  • Other commitments.

9. Detail Of Previous Travel:

  • Mention your travel history, especially if you have complied with immigration regulations in other countries.

10. Express Understanding of Conditions:

  • Acknowledge your understanding of the visa conditions and express your commitment to comply with Australian immigration laws.

11. Mention Supporting Documents:

  • Specify any additional documents you are submitting with your application.

12. Closing Express Gratitude:

  • Concludes the letter with a polite closing statement expressing gratitude for considering your application.

13. Handwritten Signature:

  • Sign the letter in ink if submitting a hard copy.
  • For electronic submissions, a typed name is sufficient.

What is the Format of an Australian Visa Cover Letter?

Covering Letter Format For Australia Tourist/Visitor Visa


The Visa Officer

Australian High Commission

New Delhi

Subject: application for Australia visitor visa (subclass 600) for myself and my wife for visiting Australia during the period of XXXX to XXXX for XXXX days

Respected Visa Officer,

I, Mr. __________ S/o Sh. ____________ and my wife: Mrs. _____________ residents of the Philippines (mention your full address), have made a plan to visit Australia for _______ days, from ______ to _______. We researched various world-famous tourist spots in Australia which we have included in our plan to visit Australia: Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Tower, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne Skydeck, Melbourne Museum, etc. So, I am making Australian visitor visa applications (subclass 600) for both of us to visit these above-specified tourist spots in Australia.  

For staying temporarily in Australia, we have made hotel bookings whose details are given below:

  • Hotel Name: and Address: mention hotel details

I am employed as an _______________ at ________________ and my wife is managing her own nail art business with the name _______________. Both of us are making an annual income of around INR ________ from our respective professions. Also, I have some movable and immovable assets in my name in my home country which are valued around INR __________ So, our financial status in our home country is sound enough and permits us to fulfill our desire to visit some of the most iconic places in Australia and live some of the happiest moments of our lives.

To meet all the costs related to our visit to Australia, we have enough funds available to us; I ________________( mention your name) have INR ____________ in my savings bank account, and my wife has an amount of INR _________ in her savings bank account.

We are adding the following documents to our visa applications:

  • Notarized passport copies for all the pages of my passport
  • Notarized passport copies for all the pages of my wife’s passport
  • My wife’s savings bank account statements
  • My wife’s  ITRs
  • My  savings bank account statements
  • My  income tax returns
  • My wife’s business registration certificate
  • Documents for moveable and immovable assets possessed by me  in my home country
  • Digital photographs for myself and my wife
  • My and my wife’s Aadhar card copies (notarized)
  • NOC letter from my employer
  • My Pay slips
  • My fixed deposits account statement
  • My provident fund account statement
  • My Marriage certificate
  • Business take care affidavit from my wife’s side

For any further details, we can be contacted at email ID: ____________ or mobile number: +91___________


_______________________________ (Mention your name here)

Requirements of an Australia Visa Cover Letter

A good cover letter must be able to provide the following:1

  • A short introduction about yourself.
  • Your travel dates and the purpose of your trip
  • If traveling with a group: your companions and your relationship with them.
  • If sponsored: your sponsor’s name, relationship with them, and why they are willing to sponsor you.
  • If you’re missing some requirements, why you won’t be able to provide them and the alternatives you are submitting instead.
  • If applying for a double entry or multiple entry visa: the reason why you need to be allowed more than one entry.
  • A quick rundown of the destinations you will be visiting.
  • A quick summary of your travel history (if any), highlighting that you have NEVER violated visa rules.
  • A promise to return to your home country in time.

Tips and Instructions When Writing a Cover Letter

Tips for Writing:

  • Keep it concise and focused on relevant information.
  • Use a formal and polite tone throughout the letter.
  • Avoid redundancy with information already provided in the visa application form.
  • Tailor the letter to the specific visa requirements you are applying for.

Sample of an Australian Visa Cover Letter

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t write a cover letter?

Omitting a cover letter in your Australian visa application can save time and stress. However, the downside is that it may provide less information to the immigration officer about your intentions and circumstances, potentially causing delays or issues with your application.

How can I impress a cover letter?

Go beyond stating your purpose, and show excitement for Australian culture, landscapes, or opportunities. If visiting family, express emotional connection and a desire to reconnect. Demonstrate your respect for Australian culture and regulations and personalize your travel itinerary

How do you introduce yourself in a cover letter?

In an Australian visa cover letter, introduce yourself formally. Use a template: For consistency, start with your full name as in your passport. Clearly state the purpose of your visit, be it tourism, business, study, or another specific reason.

  1. Immigration and Citizenship Website; Australian Government. (2019). eVisitor (Subclass 651), https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-listing/evisitor-651 [] [] []

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