Aruba Entry Requirements For Colombia Citizens

Colombian citizens do not need a visa to visit Aruba as tourists. However, they still need to meet other requirements, such as a valid passport, sufficient funds, and proof of onward travel to enter and stay in Aruba. Moreover, Colombians must also apply for Aruba ED Card before going to Aruba. Don't worry! We offer a simple and easy Aruba ED Card form here at Visas for Future. Plus, we will help you throughout the process. Apply with us now.

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When it comes to visiting Aruba, Colombian citizens can do so without needing a visa. This means that you won’t have to go through the hassle of obtaining a visa, and you can simply enter Aruba as a tourist. Not only that, but this visa-free status also comes at no cost for Colombian citizens.

With this tourist visa, you can stay in Aruba for a maximum of 90 days within a year. During this time, you can enjoy all that this beautiful Caribbean island has to offer, from its stunning beaches to its vibrant culture and delicious cuisine. It’s important to note that if you plan on staying in Aruba for longer than 90 days, you’ll need to obtain a visa extension or apply for a different type of visa.

Tourists who wish to enter Aruba must ensure that they possess the following documents and meet the criteria set out by the authorities:

  • Valid passport: Must be valid throughout their stay in Aruba.
  •  ED-card: A completely filled-in and signed ED Card.
  •  Valid return- or onward ticket: You must have a ticket or other documentation showing that you will depart Aruba before your authorized stay ends.
  •  Valid residence permit: Necessary documents for returning to the country of origin or to a country he has the right to enter.
  •  A valid reservation for accommodation: If requested, the tourist must be able to prove to the satisfaction of the migration officer that they have booked a hotel in Aruba or that they own property in Aruba (a residence, condominium, apartment, timeshare apartment or a pleasure yacht moored in Aruba with a length of at least 14 meters measured on the water line).
  •  Sufficient funds: If requested, the tourist must be able to prove to the satisfaction of the migration officer that they have adequate financial means to provide for hotel expenses (if applicable) and living expenses during their stay or that they have a declaration of guarantee from a legal resident of Aruba.

It is important for tourists to comply with these requirements to ensure a smooth entry into Aruba.

Hence be informed that all Colombian citizens are required to get an Aruba ED Card, an electronic entry registration system used by the government of Aruba. It is a mandatory requirement for travelers visiting Aruba for more than 24 hours including babies and kids. The ED-Card is an online form that collects essential information from visitors, such as personal details, travel information, and purpose of visit.1

Visas for Future offers an Aruba ED Card application service for $33. Our accessible forms are just a click away from your Aruba ED Card; we will help you throughout the application process. Message us now and begin your journey to Aruba with an Aruba ED Card!

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  • All travelers are required to obtain an Aruba ED card.2
  • The Aruba ED Card serves as a pre-authorization for entry.2
  • The online ED Card is valid from approval until entry to Aruba or flight arrival.2
  • The Aruba ED Card costs $33.

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Aruba Entry Requirements for Colombia Citizens

No Visa Required: Colombian passport holders enjoy visa-free entry for up to 90 days per calendar year. Breathe easy, no application process is needed!

Essential Documents:

  1. Valid Passport: Make sure your passport is valid for at least six months after your intended departure from Aruba.
  2. Proof of Onward Travel: Prove that you have booked travel out of Aruba before the 90-day period is over. You can use flight reservations, bus tickets, or a cruise itinerary.
  3. Proof of Sufficient Funds: Show that you have enough money to pay for your expenses during your stay. Bank statements, credit cards, or travel insurance can work.
  4. Additional Documents: In some situations, you may need documents like hotel bookings, tour confirmations, or vaccination certificates (check with Aruban authorities for details).

When you arrive, fill out an Embarkation and Disembarkation card (ED Card). Be ready to answer questions about your travel plans and give basic information. Immigration officers may ask for more documents for verification, so have everything handy.

Additional Fees When Entering Aruba for Colombian Citizens

Colombian citizens can visit Aruba as tourists without a visa and enjoy a 90-day visa-free period, but there may be other fees to think about:

  1. Airport Arrival Tax: Most passengers (including Colombian citizens) pay an airport departure tax of 54.50 AWG (around $30 USD) when they arrive at Queen Beatrix International Airport. This fee is usually part of the airline ticket price, but check your booking confirmation or ask the airline.
  2. Departure Tax: There’s a departure tax of 44.50 AWG (around $25 USD) for passengers over 12 years old when they leave Aruba. This fee is usually paid at the airport during check-in.
  3. Travel Insurance: Travel insurance is not required, but it is a good idea for unexpected medical emergencies or trip cancellations. The cost can change depending on the coverage you choose.

Other Potential Fees:

  1. Excess Baggage: Airlines may charge extra fees for baggage that is too heavy or too big.
  2. Tourist Activities and Tours: The prices for excursions, attractions, and activities can be very different. Plan your budget based on your itinerary.
  3. Extra Services: Other costs like airport transfers, equipment rentals, or dining experiences can increase depending on your travel style.

Remember: Always look for and plan for possible expenses beyond the official entry requirements. Have a great trip to Aruba!

Things to Remember When Entering Aruba

Before you pack your flip-flops, here are some essential tips for a smooth and worry-free journey:

  1. Ensure your passport is valid and check visa requirements.
  2. Complete the online Aruba ED Card with us up to 7 days before your flight.
  3. Budget for an airport arrival tax ($30) and departure tax ($25), often included in your ticket price. Double-check with your airline to be sure.
  4. Pack proof of onward travel, sufficient funds, accommodation booking, health insurance, and required vaccinations.
  5. Adhere to Aruba’s health protocols, including mask-wearing, social distancing, and frequent handwashing.

Remember: These are your stepping stones to paradise. Bon voyage to Aruba!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a visa to enter Aruba?

Colombian Citizens do not need to have a visa to enter Aruba. However, some nationalities are required to have one.

Can Colombians travel to the USA without a visa?

No. Colombians need a US visa to travel to the USA

Which countries are visa-free for Aruba?

Regular passport holders from 79 countries visiting Aruba for tourism purposes are visa-free for Aruba. You can check your nationality on the official website of Aruba Immigration.

Is it expensive to go to Aruba?

It depends on several factors, but for accommodation, transportation, food, and activities, a low-cost traveler can plan to pay around $100 to $150 each day in Aruba.

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