Price of Three Months Visit Visa for Saudi Arabia

Unlock a three-month visit to Saudi Arabia for just $214.82, covering both the government fee and mandatory health insurance. This article is your guide to understanding the costs and additional fees associated with processing a Saudi Arabian visa. To start the application, click the button below

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The three-month visit visa is a popular option for tourists and business travelers visiting Saudi Arabia temporarily. Obtaining a visa for Saudi Arabia is relatively affordable and straightforward. Note that each visa type has its requirements and fees. After obtaining a Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa, the holder is permitted to stay in Saudi Arabia for up to 90 days, with multiple entries allowed. The application process typically takes a few days to complete.

Multiple-entry Tourist Visa:

  • Cost: USD 214.82, including the government fee and the mandatory health insurance.
  • Validity: One year from the date of issuance.1
  • Permitted stay: Three months or 90 days per visit, with multiple entries allowed within the validity period.1

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If you plan to visit Saudi Arabia for a period of three (3) months but require a visa, you must obtain a Saudi Arabia Tourist eVisa. Our eVisa processing service will give you your Saudi Arabia Tourist eVisa within 90 days or three (3) months duration with mandatory health insurance that will be in your mailbox within three days.

  • It is 90 days in duration.1
  • It is Multiple entry.1
  • It costs $214.82, including the government fee and mandatory health insurance.

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Additional fees associated with the visa application process

The additional fees associated with the Saudi Arabia visa application process can vary depending on the type of visa you apply for and how you apply (online or on arrival). Here’s a breakdown:

Multiple Entry Tourist eVisa

  • No additional fees: Applying through the official eVisa portal incurs no processing or service charges.

Visa on Arrival

  • Insurance: Mandatory travel insurance is required, costing approximately USD 38.
  • Processing fees: No official processing fees are charged at designated airports and land borders.

Other potential fees

  • Service charges: If you use visa agencies or third-party services to assist with your application, they may charge additional fees.
  • Courier charges: If you choose to have your visa document delivered by courier, you must pay the associated charges.
  • Photocopying and printing: Some application processes might require additional copies or printouts of documents, incurring minimal costs.

Types of Visas in Saudi Arabia and their Prices

  • Tourist eVisa:
    • Cost: USD 214.82 fee, including the government fee and the mandatory health insurance.
    • Validity: 1 year from issuance
    • Permitted stay: 90 days per visit, multiple entries within the validity period
  • Work Visit Visa:
    • The requirements and fees for this visa vary depending on your nationality and the purpose of your visit.
    • It is valid for 90 days from the date of issue, and you can apply for it through the Saudi embassy or consulate in your home country.

Eligible Countries for Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa

Click here the eligible countiries
  • Canada
  • U.S.A

Importance of knowing the prices of Saudi Arabia visas

It is important to know the prices for Saudi Arabian visas for several reasons:

  1. Planning your budget: Visa costs can vary significantly depending on the type of visa you need, how you apply, and any additional fees. Knowing the price upfront allows you to budget accordingly and avoid surprises later.
  2. Choosing the proper visa: Comparing costs across different visa options can help you choose the most cost-effective option that meets your travel needs and duration. For example, if you only plan a short visit, a tourist eVisa might be more budget-friendly than a multiple-entry visa.
  3. Avoiding complications: Being unaware of potential fees can lead to delays or hassles at the border, especially if you don’t have enough funds to cover additional costs.
  4. Making informed decisions: Knowing the visa costs empowers you to make informed travel plans. It can help you compare the travel price to Saudi Arabia with other destinations and determine if it aligns with your budget constraints.
  5. Ensuring a smooth travel experience: By budgeting correctly and understanding the costs, you can have a softer and more enjoyable travel experience in Saudi Arabia.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I stay in Saudi with a tourist visa?

Multiple-entry Tourist eVisa:
Offers a maximum stay of 90 days per visit, with multiple entries allowed within the validity period.

Can I get a Saudi visa at the airport?

Yes, you can get a Saudi visa on arrival at designated airports in Saudi Arabia, but your eligibility depends on a few factors:
1. Nationality: You must be a citizen of one of the countries on the official visa-on-arrival list. This list includes 63 countries, encompassing popular destinations like the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, most European countries, and several Asian nations.

2. Existing Visas: Even if you’re not a citizen of an eligible country, you may still be able to get a visa on arrival if you hold a valid tourist or business visa from the United States, the United Kingdom, or any member of the Schengen zone.

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